The Tiger's Tale

March Newsletter- Written by DLS Students

Natasha's Read Across America Round Up

This month we celebrated Read Across America! We had a spirit week to show off how much we love reading. We wore shirts to represent our culture, shirts with our favorite book characters on it, our favorite hats, and we also wore crazy socks! To end the week we got cozy with a book and wore pajamas to school! I really enjoy when we have spirit days! We read Dr. Seuss Books and watched funny movies in class as a treat. Over all, the week was a blast. Read Across America was so fun to celebrate and also a great reminder that reading is so important. I wouldn't be able to write this article if I didn't read!

By: Natasha Sophia Espinosa

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patricks day is a Christian Irish Holiday that is celebrated every year on March 17th. St. Patrick's Day was celebrated after St. Patrick’s death. St. Patrick was the patron saint who brought christianity to Ireland. It is an Irish tradition that wearing green makes them invisible to leprechauns. Leprechauns are tiny men and women who use their magical powers to serve good and evil. On St. Patrick’s day people try to catch leprechauns because they are considered good luck and have a lot of gold.

by Sofia Sanchez

Riley's Roundup!

DLS Clubs are thriving! I wanted to give everyone an update on what some clubs have been doing this month! Mrs. Sanchez's Spanish Club is learning about the exciting history of ancient civilizations, including the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas. This club has been learning about where these civilizations were located and about any ruins they might have left behind. Also about any cultural similarities that we as humans have today.

The Journalism Club advised by Mrs. Cortez has published a few articles that are shared in this newsletter as well.

By: Riley Rosa

Journalism Club Articles

El Grupo “ Twice”

TWICE, una vez por los oídos y una vez por los ojos. Un grupo coreano fuerte vocalmente y visualmente atractivo. Esto es lo que Park Jin Young (JYP) esforzó por lograr para su nuevo grupo de chicas. TWICE esta consiste de los miembros Tzuyu, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Mina, Dahyun, Sana, Chaeyoung, Jihyo y Momo. Hoy nos enfocamos en Jeongyeon, el vocalista principal de TWICE. De joven Jeongyeon habia adicionado por JYP, desafortunadamente no había pasado. Pero ahí no terminó su sueño de ser ídolo para la gente, audicionando de nuevo en el año "2010" y pasando dos audiciones (JYP ENT y SM ENT) el mismo dia, había escogido JYP porque “Yo nunca ha pensado en debutando con otra agencia que no sea JYP”. Desde ahí entrenó por un total de 5 años y 8 meses, y finalmente debutando con TWICE. Jeong Yeon es conocido como la mama del grupo, siendo el segundo más mayor, cuidando sus miembros cuando están enfermos. Jeong Yeon ha recibido créditos en los canciones Love Line, Sweet Talker, 21:29, Lalala, y Sweet Summer Day. Recientemente Jeong Yeon ha tenido unas pausa intermitentes debido ansiedad.

Por: Cindy Carrasco

Stress Management

Stress is a reaction, Stress could make you feel emotional, frustrated, pressured, moody, etc… Different things cause stress and all of them result differently. Being stressed isn’t always a bad thing, stress can be positive, helping us by keeping us alert, motivated and ready to avoid danger. Managing stress is key, for example, let's say you had a test, you were stressed about it because you thought that you might fail it. A way to help manage that stress is by staying positive and telling yourself that you pass the test. However, when you build up too much stress, it causes you to not achieve those goals or be confident and positive. Sometimes a way to help reduce this kind of stress is talking to someone you feel comfortable with. This will help you sort out your emotions.

School can play a big role in stress, or even teenagers. Things that can cause this type of stress on younger kids, teenagers or adults can be too many expectations, classmates, homework, assignments, or jobs you need to finish sometimes friends and family can cause this type of stress. Most of the time kids find it hard to talk to adults when dealing with this because they feel as if they will be criticized or judged. So to avoid stress in school or in your work place be organized, communicate with your teachers/co-workers, write down your homework/job and ask for help!!

By: Rancelly Gomez and Estefani Maldonado

Hobbies During the Pandemic

Some people feel that the pandemic had some positive affects, for example, taking up new hobbies. The new hobbies that people were seen taking up were posted on Tik Tok from cooking, exercising, sewing, singing and dancing. Here at our DLS school students took up new hobbies. One of our current 8th graders, Saphira Minacapelli, stated, “During the pandemic I started to finally pick up writing due to all my free time, I had done it before in moderation, but it wasn’t a really big thing for me. With all the free time that I had it was easier to write and publish it. I found that I really liked writing fan fiction. In fanfiction I would change the ending or make scenarios using the same characters. Even when school came around, I still continue to do it in my free time.”. In addition a fellow 8th grader, Lianny Santos, commented, “Since the pandemic started I lost a lot of my old friends so the only thing I had at the time was music. Artists like Taylor Swift, girl in red, and Clairo inspired me to write in a similar manner, so I took up poetry. The music inspired me , I started to write Love poems, and I never strayed from the genre because of how much I enjoyed writing this way.” As you can see, hobbies can inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and try new things that you may enjoy.

By: Lianny Santos and Saphira Minacapelli

PI Day

The math teachers and Counselor Cruz at DLS set up fun activities that all included the very important number 3.14159265359! We completed chains with the number to see how long it was, we played a card game involving landing on the correct numbers, and had a competition to remember the numbers in order. Of course the most exciting most fun activity was being able to throw a pie in students and teacher's face. We love all our teachers at DLS but it is fun to get to do this!

By: Amaya Rivera