Levels of performance

Lee Carse


In this task i will be describing and explaining the difference between the foundation level and the elite level in sport.

Foundation level

Foundation level

The foundation level is where the individuals that are taking part in this level are children aged between 6-10 years old. These individuals will take part in sport because their parents will want them to get more involved in sport at a young age so that they will enjoy it throughout their life.

Talent identification is important but not essential at this level because some people may stand out from the others and their talents might be on show straight away whereas other individuals may not show their skills straight away and they might get better with their development as they get older.

Human resources will be used at the foundation level as the person in charge of the game/test will have one look at the individuals competing and won’t be able to look at video technology in case they have made a mistake. such as a referee in football awarding a goal even if the whole ball hasn't crossed the line. Therefore mistakes are more likely to happen at this level but there would be more of an impact if the mistakes happened at an elite major tournament such as the Fifa World Cup.

The equipment used at this level will be different compared to the equipment used at elite level. At this level if someone is doing the sprint test they will run from cone to cone and will be timed by their assessor using a stopwatch. At elite level the equipment used will be timing gates. If the equipment fails at foundation level then the sprint test will have to be done on a different day whereas at elite level there would be another set of timing gates for the competitors to use.

Participation level and Performance level

The participation level is the level which the participants taking part in a sport will take part more for the fun and the enjoyment of the game rather than the competitiveness of the game. This level is for the participants who are just leaving school and take part in a Sunday league team.

The performance level is the level which the participants taking part in the sport will take part to win and show that they are able to participate at the elite level, an example of this could be setting a very competitive 100m sprint time in a local event.