By: Stephanie Oritz & Zariah Edwards


  • India is a subcontinent
  • Most of India is hot and humid
  • the climate is influenced by monsoons.
  • Monsoons are seasonal wind pattents that cause wet and dry seasons.
  • In the summer the major floods go up to 200 inches of rain.
  • In the winter the wind blows down from the mountains.


  • As new result new occupations or jobs developed within these societies.
  • With surplus less people did not need to farm so occupations started.
  • As farmers started to make surplus of food cities in India appeard.

Written Language

  • Harappans also developed India's first writing system.
  • They also wrote poems and hymns.
  • Sanskrit is the most important language in ancient India

Politcal Systems

  • The kyhatriyas were rluers amd warriors.
  • The caste system divided society into groups based on a person's birth, wealth, and occupation.


  • Along the Indus river the people were seccessful with farming and irrigation and their cities began to grow
  • In math and science the math was based on the number 10.
  • They did surveys about the floods.
  • In art they made poems and sculpture of the gods.


  • Hinduismis the largest religion in India today.
  • In hinduismis they believe in many gods.
  • Some god the believe in are Brahma ( the creater ) and Siva.
  • They believe that Brahma created the earth and preserves it.
  • The founder was Siddhartha Gautama of buddhism.
  • In buddhism they dont believe in god.
  • They were a philosphy.
  • They believe in having good lives.