Significance Of Bou Boron In Bengali Wedding

Bodhu Boron is a ritual executed to welcome the bride to the groom's home. It is a very important ritual of bengali marriage. I have seen this ritual multiple times in my relative’s wedding, nighbour’s wedding, and sometimes in the marriage hall near me and at the banquet hall near me.

The Ritual

The ladies of the residence pour water at the floor underneath their automobile after they alight. Then the bride stands on a wooden rectangular structure called "Jolchouki". Most regularly the groom's mom or groom's elder brother's wife(if groom's mom is widow) holds a plate containing "Durba", lac dye and milk and different matters that's referred to as Borondala. The Borondala is used to welcome the bride to her in law's residence. Durba unfolds on the bride's brow as a blessing. A pot complete of rice is located in the front of the bride's toes that's lightly kicked through her. It symbolizes the want and perception of getting a lot of rice that it is able to also be kicked off. Then the bride places her toes on a plate of Alta (a conventional beauty used to colour toes). Having imprinted the soles of her toes thus, she is taken into the residence. It presumes that Goddess Laxmi entered the household. The elders of the residence bless the newly wed couple.

Sometimes there are many funny rituals at the time of welcoming a bride. Some families

gave the bride a task to catch an alive Lata fish from a pot of water. The bride at first misses the opportunity to catch that fish but after some effort, she becomes able to catch that fish. Then in some families, the bride is given a pitcher full of rice, when she enters her in-law's house, she has to bring the pitcher by the arm. Then in all Bengali families, the bride is taken to the kitchen, where she has to say after observing the kitchen is "Everything is full". Then she has to watch the boiling milk and after watching she has to say "My family is on the rise and flourish with more money". Then the newly married bride is taken to her room by the elders for changing clothes.

This way of life varies to a touch quantity from one location to another. In many locations the bride's (bodhu's) toes aren't permitted to touch the floor. Her brother or sisters-in-regulation take her from the Palki (chariot) to the residence through sporting her at the lap. This is an indication of affection and veneration closer to the bride. Alta is likewise used as a substitute of milk.

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