O'Brien's Observations

4th grade news!!!

Literacy by: Carol Alcazar

In literacy we met at the back table and looked over are level reader, also we got some work pages.

writing;by;stephanie Diaz

we are learning about summer.If it should be a long summer or a short summer.I wanted to be a long summer because we have more time with our family and friends and to relax.And have fun!

Specials by: Ariana

This week in art, we paper mus-hayed our dinosaurs. It was fun because we worked as a group.
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Math By: Jaylon

Today we are learning about fractions and estimating them too.

Grammar By: Shawn

In grammar we are learning about adverbs ex. he weirdly walk to school.

weirdly would be the adverb.

Science by: Ivy

In science we leaned about dinosaurs. Now we are making a animal that was in its habit, now we moved it and now we are changing the animals a little bit to live.


In math we are learning about mixed fractions 31/2 + 13/9 = something.