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Resources for our Fox Family that you can use at home.

At Home Learning Opportunities

Fox Families,

This page is meant to be a learning resource for parents and students. As a father and Principal, I want to provide you with helpful things that I know I would like as a parent.

These links and resources are for families who decide to engage in any extra learning at home.

Your Fox Family

Phonemic Awareness- Building Blocks for Reading

Parents, this video link shows how to practice phonemic awareness with your child. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate individual phonemes (sounds). Phonological awareness includes this ability, but it also includes the ability to hear and manipulate larger units of sound, such as onsets and rimes and syllables.

At Fox and in Chippewa Valley, our teachers are now using a program called Heggerty to help improve the phonemic awareness of our K-3 students. You can do these types of activities at home.

Click on the links below for an example of how to practice phonemic awareness at home in the style that Heggerty models it. This video is for Pre-K. It can be utilized with older students who struggle with manipulating sounds as well. It's a great start.

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness for K-3 students (You can even use this with older students to help with reading)

Heggerty at Home E-Learning

You can do this! The kids catch on and it works!

Heggerty Pre-K Sample Lesson

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Website

Here is another link to the Heggerty Website. They are offering free learning videos while kids are off school.

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Daily Activities by Grade

This link allows you to access all books and activities for doing daily phonemic awareness with your child. This is an excellent resource and program. See the videos above for how to use Heggerty Phonemic awareness.

Chippewa Valley Teacher demonstrating using Heggerty Phonemic Awareness- see below

Heggerty Parent Instructions
Heggerty Phonemic Awareness- Primary- Week 15, Day 1
Phonemic Awareness- I do, You do, We do
Big picture
Phonemic Awareness- Kilpatrick- Equipped for Early Reading Success

Learning Sounds at Home

Here are a few simple ways to build skills that will help your children with processing sounds of speech which in turn help them in reading:


    • Parent: Say, cowboy...Now say cowboy without the cow. Say mailbox.....Now say it without the box.......

    Move from compound words to words like kitchen...…

    • Parent: Say say kitchen without the k.......Say monster.....Now say monster without the mon........

    ***These word games help with processing sounds of speech and it wires the brain to do this.

    Now, let's try to have the kids identify single beginning phoneme sounds at the beginning or end of words:

    • Parent: Say loon....Now say loon without the n.......
    • Parent: Say moon....Now say moon without the n...…
    • Parent: Say can't.....Now say can't without the c......

    -Talk about what the words mean to help build vocabulary.

    2. SONGS and RHYMING

    Play Rhyming Games or Songs when you can......Be creative. Below are some ways it can be done it a classroom. How could you make a game of this at home or in the car?

    Examples: (Think of ways you can incorporate this at home)

    • Transitioning form one activity to the next: "whisper words that rhyme with table........."
    • Lining up: ask kids to tell you the first sound in lunch or the last sound......last sound in pizza.......
    • While on a walkl kids can use their fingers to to show how many sounds are in words that you say.......
    • Adjusting the level of difficulty: Some kids might count the sounds in the word, Up, while another child might count the sounds in the word Skim.........
    • Before leaving the room for a break, ask the child what sound a certain word starts with...….


    iRead Home Extension Resource

    Any student who uses iRead at Fox for reading interventions may use this program at home.

    Journeys-ELA-Reading and Writing Links for Home Use

    Journeys student books and leveled readers that does not require students to log in. (The pictures of books are actually links to those books. There are shapes that you can clink on as links as well.)

    Free Reading and Other Links for Home Learning Use

    The following links can be used by students who receive special education services or general education services.

    Decodable books with alignment to ReadWell 1 by Clarkness,1,2vyD7Pp6PxzgcXLwFz936UVM2myL88ac3Pe167WPdE2fZFKKyL7m7Cy80YEohOwJ4I_iYsdnWuJd1lXgqeZRpdrqOmUVPOq9WgRVBrTHOv9FxdGrHNJG&typo=1

    Language!: on – line supports such as Sortegories and VocabJourney: students need the website, username and password

    Language!: Send home student book; assign challenge reading and writing as a read aloud, talk about with family support

    Advanced beginning reader stories by Clarkness,1,TxnrpUeS9h5x59ySgJcgwz6sCPaf8JcTRgquD9AF6azvTOPqWbgBre-z-XnKgfaUncbHLoh1IyThRCfpK2RLY0j0K4bP75zik05wHwo9gx6TD8k,&typo=1

    Beginning Chapter Books by Clarkness,1,kzfni7FmAJ5cmDFuPcL2JlylBajRaPNcLKz--bTrvomdWGU8seXq2ZIkDoLYnvVnJsdKPaZTIQwiEzfTs0n0uC3duBhM44lhYrzsM3Ihhw,,&typo=1

    (CMC Book A?) Emergent Math e books by Clarkness,1,5fQHX93-G2z_KcPIh_BK3FaVAv3BwJPgdWda87CMt_xHl-0iSV8TfCCUQfpqg0ju3NA21DRUSr0aW3-2Rfzgev7U3Z0QV-cakIhhJf2ichNSgH5yqQ,,&typo=1

    Free read alouds by Vooks


    The link below is for a google doc of education companies and resources that are offering free memberships and services for any schools that are closed due to the Coronavirus.

    For Families Without Internet

    Readworks- set up your free account



    Home Extension Resources

    Parents, I have created a file for home extension resources. I will be adding to it for our students and parents to access at home.

    Read Alouds at Fox

    Check out some of our Fox Read Alouds to view at home.

    Math Resources- Bridges Math

    Math Update

    We have recently added the Bridges Math resources to our school website. Now, you don't have to worry if your child forgets their Home Connections or homework at school for math. As a dad, I have had this happen many times. Math Links below:

    Accessing Bridges Math at Home

    Bridges Math Materials For Home Use

    Access Information Below:

    Your username will be: CVSMath

    Password: bridges@home

    Moby Max-5th grade

    5th graders have access to Moby Max for math and ELA practice.

    Science Fun

    Mystery Science is a science program many of our classroom us at Fox. Mystery Science has added free mini lessons while kids are away from school!

    Links from our Special Education Department

    The following links can be used by any students.

    Continued Special Education Links

    For parents familiar with the Language! program (Book A), Mark & Scott Kelly (the astronaut twins) have a book on this list - written by Mark Kelly and read by Scott Kelly - It's called Mousetronaut - see below.

    Story Time from Space Directory

    Ada Lace Take Me to Your Leader (Part 1)

    Running Time: 22:04 Minutes

    Ada Lace Take Me to Your Leader (Part 2)

    Running Time: 18:28 Minutes

    Ada Lace Take Me to Your Leader (Part 3)

    Running Time: 13:15 Minutes
    Read by: Anne McClain

    Khalifa And Amal Go To Space

    Running Time: 9:31 Minutes

    Read by: Hazzaa al-Mansoori (In Arabic)

    The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

    Running Time: 10:29 Minutes

    Written by: Lost My Name

    Read by: Tim Peake

    Max Goes to the International Space Station

    Running Time: 16 Minutes

    Written by: Jeffrey Bennett

    Read by: Mike Hopkins

    Max Goes to the International Space Station
    Japanese Reading – New

    Running Time: 16 Minutes

    Written by: Jeffrey Bennett

    Read by: Koichi Wakata

    Max Goes to the Moon

    Running Time: 15 Minutes

    Written by: Jeffrey Bennett

    Read by: Mike Hopkins

    Max Goes to Mars

    Running Time: 15:16

    Written by: Jeffrey Bennett

    Read by: Mike Hopkins

    Max Goes to Jupiter

    Running Time: 16:35

    Written by: Jeffrey Bennett

    Read by: Mike Hopkins

    The Wizard Who Saved the World

    Running Time: 20:32

    Written by: Jeffrey Bennett

    Read by: Koichi Wakata

    Endeavour’s Long Journey

    Running Time: 15:47

    Written by: John Danny Olivas

    Read by: Tim Kopra

    Rosie Revere, Engineer

    Running Time: 8:32

    Written by: Andrea Beaty

    Read by: Kate Rubins

    I, Humanity

    Running Time: 11:16

    Written by: Jeffrey Bennett

    Read by: Col. R. Shane Kimbrough

    Notable Notebooks

    Scientists and Their Writings

    Running Time: 10:53

    Written by: Jessica Fries-Gaither

    Read by: Joseph Acaba

    The Mission to Cataria

    Running Time: 13.51

    Written by: Travis Bossard & Mick Szydlowski

    Read by: Richard (Ricky) Arnold

    The Next Time You See a Sunset

    Running Time: 11:35

    Written by: Emily Morgan

    Read by: Mark Vande Hei


    Running Time: 8:07

    Written by: Mark Kelly

    Read by: Scott Kelly

    Mousetronaut Goes to Mars – Coming Soon

    Running Time: TBD

    Written by: Mark Kelly

    Read by: Scott Kelly

    The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm – Coming Soon

    Running Time: TBD

    Written by: LeVar Burton and Susan Bernardo

    Read by: TBD

    Scholastic News Magazines- Free

    Scholastic News Magazines for All Ages- Great for all subjects and informational text.

    Music Links

    Check out some great links Ms. Smith has for us.

    Khan Academy- Free Learning Resources for all subjects

    Khan Academy has wonderful resources for all subjects and ages groups.

    List of Educational Companies Offering Free Programs

    While students are unable to be at school, these companies are providing free supports.

    Link to our Fox Principal's Report

    This will provide you with Fox updates, schedules, calendars, info from the principal, resources, and ways to connect with us on social media. Take a look!