Weekly Launch

January 7-11


Wear your comfy clothes on Monday. Please be on campus by 8:00.

Don't forget that report cards are due by 4:00 on Monday, Jan. 7th. I would try hard to have them done before your leave so that your time on Monday, Jan. 7th can be spent on planning for the upcoming 9 weeks.

Important Dates

January 7-PD Day

January 8-Wear college shirt

MTL Skype chat with Rachel-3rd grade

Watch D.O.G.


January 9-5th grade planning

Buckels off campus-a.m.

PTA meeting 12:30 pm


Texas Roadhouse Spirit NIght

Watch DOG-Jose Galvan-Jacob-Janese-PE


January 10-TRFFCC

Watch D.O.G.-


January 11-Character Connection

AMC Counting Kinder closes

MOY AMC Combo-2nd grade ends

Report cards go home

Watch D.O.G.-Wilson Gonzalez-Simon-Coipel

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Goal Setting

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Davis

BAS Kits

Since we have (you will receive them in January unless you are Kinder and already have yours) new BAS Kits in K-5, Laura Adlis is giving our old BAS kits to Pearland in January. You will be turning in ALL BAS kits on January 7. Sped and ELL teachers will also turn in your kits…Laura doesn’t want any of the old kits left on campus after January.

On January 7, you will bring your BAS kit to the library. Below is a list of what it will need to have. You will throw away any blank recording sheets that are in your kit. Please make sure you clean out your BAS kit before you put it in my room.

  1. All fiction and nonfiction books for each reading level
  2. Assessment Guide book
  3. Assessment forms spiral
  4. Student Forms spiral
  5. Continuum
  6. Assessment Form CD, make sure it is the revised cd
  7. Calculator

Top Dreambox Dashboard users for the Semester

Here are the top ten teachers who have logged in to their Dreambox Dashboard to check on their student's progress this semester! Everyone should have at least 17 logins(one per week)

1. Coipel-178

2. Turrentine-133

3. Young-65

4. Bourque-50

5. Bartley-43

6. Hirsch-37

7. Strawn-37

8. Wagner-33

9. Criswell-32

10. Kramer-30

Way to go 2nd and 5th for having their whole team in the top 10!

Big picture

Word of the Week-Trait

Revised January 7th PL Day Schedule

Cereal Bar-we have 1%, 2% and whole milk

Big picture

The Long Haul-found this on a blog and thought it was appropriate!

The Long Haul… June is 6 months away!

This can be quite a long haul for teachers and students, especially the month of March (yes March Madness is exciting, but the school version of March Madness is a whole other ball game).

 Remember to take care of YOU- if you are not well, you cannot be well for others, especially the students entrusted in your care.

 Do you best to manage your time wisely.

 Prioritize tasks.

 Work smarter.

 Be proactive in meeting deadlines so that you do not get overwhelmed with tasks, and always find moments of joy in each day!

 Be present to each moment. Mindfulness matters and makes a difference.

Shout Outs

Shout out to the front office staff for making party days go smoothly!

Shout out to Sandy, Susan and Jeannie for covering 4th grade classes during our CCEF visit

Shout out to PE and Art for opening up their classrooms for the CCEF visit. Everyone was very impressed!