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January 2018 Newsletter

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'Tis Better to Give than to Receive

Who could have guessed that strolling through the Dollar Tree with kindergarten and first graders would become the highlight of my semester? With nervous anticipation I unloaded the bus and reviewed behavioral expectations with these Goldbugs. Then we paraded into the store where the little ones promptly dispersed throughout the aisles prompting looks of puzzlement on the employees' faces. I began questioning students who were quickly and confidently able to explain who they were shopping for and why they selected each item. A favorite response came from a student who had selected Scotch tape for his dad. When asked if he thought his dad would like that Christmas gift he responded, "We don't have any tape at home, so I think so." Before long the children discovered the need to carry their items in shopping baskets which added an additional layer of cuteness as they continued on with their important business. My heart burst with admiration for these students who were taking full advantage of the opportunity to use money they had earned throughout the year through Dime-A-Day to bless others. They were truly applying in a real life situation how to put others ahead of themselves. As we explained to the employees how the students had earned a dime each day for appropriate behavior at school and then exchanged them for dollars, they supported our efforts for real-world application of learning by communicating with the students in the check out line and waiting patiently for them to count out their money, guiding them as needed. Another precious moment came in the check out line as a youngster waved one of her dollar bills at me and declared, "This one's for tax!" Even our youngest students have the capacity to apply their skills outside the classroom when we are mindful to create such opportunities for them. This experience filled me with Goldbug pride and reminded me how important the vision of our district is- USD 225: Where Education is Experienced.

Mrs. McDowell

No School on January 15th

There will be no school on Monday, January 15th due to a teacher in-service day. Junior High basketball will still have games in Spearville that evening.

Board of Education

USD 225 would like to recognize Mark Bergkamp and Steve Lundeen for their many years of service to the district. As they step down from their duties as Board of Education members, we would like to say thank you for your hard work and dedication. USD 225 would also like to welcome Seth Hageman and Tom Huelskamp as new members of the Board of Education.

Fowler's First Christmas Festival was a Success!

Fowler's first Christmas Festival held on December 9th, 2017 was a success. The afternoon began with a grade school/junior high choir concert in the park coordinated with a visit from Santa Claus. The evening continued with trolley rides and a chili/cinnamon roll dinner at the grade school. After dinner was served, there was a piano and band concert followed with a showing of The Polar Express. USD 225 would like to thank the many people that attended the festivities and showed their support for this project. We would like to give a very special thanks to those that contributed and helped make this event possible.

Fowler Legacy Foundation

Fowler Community Alliance

Jeff & Caty Zortman

Mrs. Federau and the Ag Structures class

Lisa Rosebeary and Tammy Smith

Fowler's Elementary Teachers

Dave Weber and Donie Shumard

Dr. Joel Thomas

St. Anthony's Catholic Women

Meade County Economic Development

Dennis McDowell and Dave Salmon

Neon 57

T&T Processing

Fowler Feeders

Erica Rarden

Fred Boyd

Dudley Strong

City of Fowler

Santa Claus


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FFA Chapter Signed Charter with State Officers

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December Project Week

9th-12th grade students generated proposals with 3D models for FGS playground renovation or 4 teacher housing units. 6th-8th grade students assumed responsibilities as the manager of Uncle Ollie's movie theater.

Middle School Ice Skating Reward

8 middle school students qualified for the 2nd quarter ice skating reward trip. The following students earned a 3.0 or higher GPA, 10 AR reading points, and had 0 behavioral detentions: Elijah Zortman, Kimberly Velez-Prieto, Samanta Granados, Alli Granados, Nathan Peters, Simeon Reimer, Abby Zortman, and Jacelyn Huelskamp. It was the first time ice skating for several students!
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3rd Grade Language Arts Project

3rd Grade students were busy before Christmas studying The Origin of Gingerfolk. It is a Folklore story about the origin of gingerbread that dates back to when the Greeks and Egyptians used ginger for medicine for stomach aches and how it was transported to Europe from the Middle East by soldiers returning from the crusades in the 11th Century.

At first, Catholic Monks used these spices to make “gingerbread” for special occasions such as holidays or festivals. The ginger spice was very expensive and therefore was only used by very few people. As the price of the spice dropped, gingerbread became more popular in Europe. Queen Elizabeth of England was the first acknowledged for making the first gingerbread man.

Gingerbread became very popular in the city of Nuremburg, Germany which is the town known today for its gingerbread and its gingerbread houses. They were inspired by the witch’s house in the famous German fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel written by the Brother’s Grimm in the 1800’s.

The tradition of baking gingerbread cookies and making gingerbread houses for Christmas soon spread to America by the early European settlers. After the students read the story of The Origin of Gingerfolk, worked on their daily worksheets, and listened to a teacher read aloud of Grimms’ Hansel and Gretal, they constructed gingerbread houses and make candy canes. The 3rd grade class wishes everyone in Fowler a very happy and safe holiday season.

4th Grade Language Arts Project

4th grade students enjoyed "Turkish Delights" in honor of their class novel, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.
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