The Story of Prometheus

By: Trevor and Sara

The Story

Prometheus was a Titan, son of Iapetus and Clymene. During the war, Titanomachy, the Titans and Olympian gods fought against each other. Prometheus sided with the gods, overthrowing the titans. After the war, Prometheus didn't spend much time in Olympus, he mingled among the men who were cold and starving after the Titans had been overthrown. So Prometheus asked Zeus to give mankind fire and Zeus declined. After that, Prometheus stole fire and gave it to the humans for their benefit. He taught them how to do a thousand things with it.


Zeus decided to punish both man and Prometheus. Zeus made Pandora, a woman with many traits including curiosity. The gods sent her to live with Epimethius, Prometheus's brother. When they sent her, she was also given a golden basket and told not to open it. Of course, curiosity overcame her and she opened it giving disease and illness to mankind.

After man, Zeus chained Prometheus to the topmost peak of the Caucasus Mountains where he would be tortured by the winds and the birds pecking away at him.

Link to Frankenstein

Fire stood for inspiration and life in the story. So Victor created life but in the story Prometheus was punished for making life and Victor will be too.