March on Washington

Tabitha Smith PD.2

Why did this protest start, leading events, and influences?

These protests had been created to cause attention towards unemployed blacks and also had involved a hope to persuade John F Kennedy. Martin had brought the passing of the civil rights bill to Kennedy's attention. His campaigns had led to arrest several times during his actions.

How did people protest, what action had been taken, and when and where it took place?

On August 28,1963 the March on Washington had began. Martin had recited his speech on the Lincoln Memorial explaining his thoughts on freedom and equality and had based his words off the knowledge of the bible (had been a baptist minster). 250,000 protesters followed behind leading a nonviolent march for the impending result of justice.

Results of the Protest, why,and how did the protest cause these effects?

The persuasion that Martin had intended had resulted in success. President John F Kennedy had made it definite that there had been strong laws for the protection of civil rights of the US citizens. Later, Martin had been the youngest person to have received the Nobel Peace Prize due to his previous actions of the inspiration he had caused.

How did the participants demonstrate their beliefs through protests?

Participants had demonstrated their protests by marching through streets also at times with the opposite race (black and white). Supporters had joined together holding up signs that had declared demands for equality.

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