Anabolic Steroids

By: Barrett Engler

What are they?

Anabolic Steroids are a very common drug all across the world. Other types of steroids are used for medical reasons, but there are other types that aren't Many people use anabolic steroids to try to buff up and be stronger and faster. Many professional athletes have caught using these illegal drugs. They are not allowed in any sport, and if you are caught, the consequences are severe. Steroids increase the amount of testosterone in a human's body, which allows them to perform better in sports than they usually would.

Why should we care?

There comes a time when something succeeds its boundaries and pushes the limits. The use of steroids has obviously done that. Kids all across America see other people doing it and they think it is okay, so they decide to use them. Then, kids see them using steroids and the cycle keeps continuing. If they really think this is okay, people will continue to use steroids. As a nation, we have to show that we can make a stand, and that we as a nation are stronger than any number of stupid drugs.

Why does this involve Coppell?

The truth is, many high school students take steroids. Many of them also get away with it. A stop needs to be made. If these kids think they can get away with cheating and taking steroids,what do you think their future will look like. A lot of these kids will grow up taking worse drugs, and their life could be ruined because of it. We want the future of our nation to be a people of honesty and intelligence, right? If we don't try to make a change in kid's behavior, how can we truly say that?