By: Katie Kimmer & Briaunna Boyd, 1st period

Tsunamis Disaster's!

A tsunamis disaster is a series of water waves caused by the of a large body of water, mainly in the ocean or sometimes very large lakes. The waves can get over a 100 feet tall, and may reach 720 kilometers.

Causes & effects of a Tsunami!

Earthquakes, volcanic eruption's, landslides, glacier calvings, meteorite impacts, and other disturbances above and below water all have the potential to generate a Tsunami. This is what causes an tsunami. The effects from a tsunami are destruction and damage, death, inguries, millions of dollars in financial loss, and psychological problems.

Precautions & Warning systems for a Tsunami!

When you are out on the beach and you start to notice the waves going back into the ocean and not returning you may want to start seeking higher ground. If you hear a sound that sounds like a freight train , if you feel the ground shake violently, go to higher ground immediately ; DO NOT STAY IN THE SAME PLACE!

How to Measure a Tsunami!

A tsunameter is used to measure a tsunami. It is also referred to a surface buoy.

Technological Advances for Humans!

Some of the technological advanes humans have to help detect a tsunami are subsea dectectors that trigger an alarm that sends a warning message to a surface buoy. The surface buoy send the message via a satellite date link to a control center from there local communities recieve the message from local news channels and you will hear an alram system go off.