Technology Activity

By: Cassie Tatum


A mountain climber is climbing a mountain. For every minute that he climbs up the mountain, he ascends 75 ft. He stops to take a break after 5 minutes of climbing the mountain.

Variables in my Scenario

Independent Variable- The independent variable in this scenario is the time (Minutes).

Def- A variable that does not depend upon another variable.

Dependent Variable- The dependent variable in this scenario is the total feet he ascends.

Def- A variable that depends upon another variable. (Ex. How many feet he ascends up the mountain depends on how many minutes have passed).

Constant- How many feet he ascends per min (75 ft./min).

Def- The number that stays the same in a scenario.

Big image

All About my Graph

In this graph it shows a mountain climber ascending up a mountain at a steady rate of 75 feet per minute, as he gradually increases.

Equation- M= minutes T=time 75M=F