Weekly Essentials

For the week of September 14, 2020

Supporting Students

Hello Everyone,

There's a good deal of information to digest this week. We will dedicate some of our staff meeting to questions. Here we go...

If Santa Clara County remains in the red category for the next 13 days, the plan is to reopen on October 12, 2020. Should you have concerns about returning in person, please contact Anne Le in Classified HR or Lisa Hickey in Certificated HR.

There is also a plan to bring some of our students who have IEPs back by September 21, 2020. This would include students in room 18 and a second mild to moderate program in room 20. Details are being worked on.

There is also work being done to launch PAUSD+ at the elementary level.

The Santa Clara County Reopening Covid19 Prepared was updated on August 7th. PAUSD is following all Required sections.

Online Mandated Trainings for ALL STAFF

You should have received an email from Terri Curtis regarding the mandatory training for all staff. Each training must be completed by September 25, 2020.

Last week's staff meeting was dedicated to completing the trainings and classified staff had time the afternoon of Wednesday Sept, 2nd. All staff must complete the remainder of the training during your workday when not working directly with students. Time cards cannot be accepted.


Aides need to use their hours to complete the trainings.

  • Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect (44 minutes)
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention (21 minutes)
  • Title IX Training 2020-2021 (10 minutes)

Lisa Hickey emailed all staff about the Kognito training due September 30th.

  • Suicide Prevention (45 minutes- 1hour)

Accessing Current Informatoin through Google Docs

You have all of the most current site and district information at your fingertips in our COVID 19 '20-'21 folder in the Briones Shared Drive.

To access this organized and current information please go to the folder (COVID 19 '20-'21) itself instead of searching for individual documents. When you do such a search, all versions of that document will appear including older, outdated docs.

It may feel clunky to some, but if you train yourself to go to the folder, you won't regret it!

Building an Anti-Racists Classroom - Equity and Access

How to Talk to Kids About Race

Technology Resources

Tech Teaching Resources

Tips and Tricks

Visual Timer and Pirate Timer - Who can resist?

Working on Recurring Calendar Events - Thank you, Schoology!

Seesaw Youtube

Student Supports

Meeting in a Memo

Required reading for certificated staff.