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September 2020

Patriot Notes by Dr. Laura Raeder, Principal

Welcome back. Thank you to everyone who has contacted Lincoln High School with your thoughts, ideas, and concerns for the upcoming school year. As we continue to get information about best practices, we keep in mind how we can best keep students and staff safe and still offer a world class education for your student.

* Students and staff are expected to wear masks, practice good handwashing/sanitizing, and work to social distance.

*We ask that students arrive at school at 8 AM or later and go directly to their 1st-hour classroom. Classes start at 8:20 Monday-Thursday and 8:30 on Fridays. Teachers will be in their classrooms at this time. This will help to eliminate students from gathering in larger groups prior to the start of school. Students who have practice before school will be let into the building by their coach or director. Other students who must arrive at LHS before 8 AM will sign in each day and then go to the cafeteria. Students will have time to eat breakfast prior to going to their 1st-hour classroom. At 8 AM students will be able to enter the building from the Administration Door (A), West A Wing Door (B2), and the Glass Staircase Door (K). These entrances will be monitored by an adult.

*We will utilize door stops when appropriate to limit commonly touched surfaces.

*Once in the classroom students will find desks facing forward, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies for desks along with shared surfaces. Some classrooms will have unique learning environments this year such as some PE students will not be required to change clothes and Choir students will have class in the auditorium.

*All Juniors and Seniors will have open lunch. They must complete a form and have a guardian sign the form. This form can be found in our newsletter.

*At lunch, students will be encouraged to have only 4 students at a table. The tables will also be further spread apart and a set of gym bleachers will be available for students to sit on if they chose.

*Some parts of LHS will have directional arrows to help with the flow of students during passing times.

*Our nurse's station has been re-worked to allow for the isolation of potential COVID-19 cases. It is important that if you are contacted to pick your child up from school to do so quickly. If your child has one of the many COVID-19 symptoms your child will be seated in an isolation room.

*Students will not be issued a locker. If a student wants a locker, the student should see a counselor.

*Once school has been dismissed for the day, students will be encouraged to attend a practice or leave the building.

*There will be no volunteers in the building for the first quarter.

The first day for students with last names A-K is August 27th and the first day for students with last names L-Z is August 28th. (Students with last names A-K will be considered Group A and students with last names L-Z are considered Group B. These groups are formed for this school year in case we need to move to an AB schedule where only half of the student body is in the building at one time.) Monday August 31st will be a normal day with all students.

Please continue to contact LHS with questions and suggestions. We are a team! Together we can provide a safe and healthy environment for all. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Lincoln High School Calendar of Events


27—First Day of School, Last Names A-K attend, 8:20 AM-3:15 PM

28--First Day of School, Last Names L-Z attend, 8:20 AM-3:15 PM


1—2nd Picture Day/ID Makeup Day

4—No School, Labor Day Break

5--President's Bowl

7—No School, Labor Day Break


18--Red Letter Day (RLD) Homecoming


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A Fall to Remember

By Dr. Jane Stavem, Superintendent

No matter the age or the circumstances, the start of a school year is always an exciting time. This year, however, could be one of the most memorable since few of us have ever returned to school during a pandemic! The Fall of 2020 will certainly be an unforgettable milestone in my career as I begin my role as superintendent of the Sioux Falls Public Schools.

It is a role I eagerly embrace, especially amid this challenging time. COVID-19 has touched the lives of all of us in some way. It has altered plans. It has renewed our focus on basic practices like washing our hands often. It has even helped some of us recognize we are not cut out to be teachers!

While I add that line to lighten the mood, it is true that COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to experience the value of a strong public education system. There is an “art” to teaching and to helping students use their knowledge to problem solve and think critically.

District leaders have been using their problem-solving skills all summer to reimagine classroom configurations, develop new routines for simple things like lunch and recess, and create staggered dismissal times and one-way hallways to relieve congestion during passing periods.

We have defined learning expectations and added technology to streamline communications and connections with students and families. These tools will be valuable whether we are offering education “in-person” in our classrooms, remotely where students learn from home, or through some type of hybrid calendar.

We have involved hundreds of stakeholders in our planning, including parents, teachers, principals, community members, local and state medical professionals, and too many more to mention. Preparations for this school year look different than preparations of the past. While classrooms will “look” a bit different this year, too, it is important to remember that school is still school, and we are all capable of doing our best!

Thank you for partnering with us. Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!

We need your help!

Donations are being accepted for cloth face masks and bottles of hand sanitizer. Please drop off items at the LHS office at any time. We appreciate any effort to keep our students and faculty healthy.

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Important Return to Learn Information

The District's Return to Learn Plans are firmly rooted in guidance from local and state public health officials, support from infectious disease doctors from Avera and Sanford, and the CDC.

Students and staff are expected to complete the health screen self-evaluation daily before arriving at school.

Because decisions will be made quickly to protect the health and safety of students and staff, it is critical that parents/guardians provide accurate and updated contact information, including phone numbers, address, emergency contact information, etc. Parents/guardians must contact the school office when information changes.

Families are encouraged to have a plan for childcare and at-home learning, if it becomes necessary.

Daily Symptom Checklist for Staff and Students

Please review these instructions daily at home before school.

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LHS Has First National Latin Exam Award Recipient

Congratulations to Eli Moore '20 for being the first Lincoln High School recipient of the Maureen O'Donnell Oxford Classical Dictionary Award for four years of gold medals on the National Latin Exam. Eli also had the first LHS purple ribbon perfect score on the exam. Best wishes to Eli as he goes off to St. Olaf College where he will already be enrolled in an intermediate Latin class!

Lynn Marie S. Thomason, MLS


Lincoln High School Visual Arts Department Information

Students that have registered for a Visual Arts Class are recommended to have the following general supplies for 2020-2021 school year. Having these materials will help limit contact/sharing/needing to sanitize and ensure basic materials are available to complete work in the classroom and at home.

  • 1 Gallon Ziplock bag used for storage
  • Glue Stick (preferred) or Glue bottle
  • No. 2 pencils (mechanical or wood pencil)
  • Extra-Fine tip Sharpie
  • Eraser
  • Individual Pencil Sharpener
  • EarBuds
  • Folder
  • School Safe Scissors

If you have any questions about supplies, contact your student's art teacher listed on their class schedule.,,

Sioux Falls School District New Grading Scale

A 90-100

B 80-89.9

C 70-79.9

D 60-69.9

F 59.9 and below

We have also adopted semester grading. Semester grading also allows students to demonstrate proficiency throughout the semester. Each semester will now be 85% of the final grade and the semester test will remain 15% of the final grade.

Teachers will still post grades through infinite Campus to continue to provide real time grades. Students and parents will see the following grades at the end of each semester:


Semester Test

Final Grade

Lincoln High School Store News

Patriots--check out the fantastic selection of spiritwear at the LHS School Store website: Please email Mrs. Klaudt or Mr. Jones with orders or questions.

Annual Student Update Directions

Update your student's contact information here if you haven't done so already this school year.

Lincoln High School Counseling Department Information

Find information here to help you with academic questions.

ACT Prep Seminar Registration Information

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PSAT Information

Find information on the PSAT test here.

Lincoln High School Junior Open Campus Form

Please complete and return to the student services office if you have not done so already so that you may leave during your lunch period/study hall.

Lincoln High School Senior Open Campus Form

Please complete and return to the student services office if you have not done so already so that you may leave during your lunch period/study hall.

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Sioux Falls School District Meal Prices

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Lincoln High School Activity Passes

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Lincoln High School Booster Club Information

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Lincoln High School Booster Club Donation Form

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