Globalization Summative

Brianna McArdle

Section 1

This first section is all about my point of view on globalization and I do realize that my opinion or view may be different than yours. My 6 word summary of globalization is: People live the way they do.

People live the way they do because things such as the weather, climate, resources, and landscape influence a person’s decision on where and how to live in the world. Not only natural things like this, but the GDP of their country or the population of their state/town. If someone lives by the ocean, that may affect their diet like eating more seafood or their activities like swimming more than they normally do. That can also affect if the way they spend their money so buying a boat since they live by the water or the clothes they wear depending on the weather. Even the different seasons by the ocean could be different for someone that they wouldn’t normally have in a past living place.

Globalization is like a person’s point of view. It’s how they are affected by the world and why they carry out their limited amount of days on Earth. It’s the inspiration behind a person’s life style. There’s nearly endless combinations of factors that carry into how, where, and why a person lives in the circumstances they do. It is also the expanding of trade between countries and continents. Pros of globalization: provides jobs to boost the economy, creates potential allies when countries have trade agreements, expands/broadens trade routes around the world, connects different cultures when a product is made through globalization, and it displays the way of life of people manufacturing these products through globalization. Cons of globalization: can increase pollution around the world, low wages for factory workers, filthy/inhumane working conditions, gives potential american jobs away, takes advantage of desperate workers, and it affects global warming negatively.

In the future, I think that globalization will be affecting the world in a more negative way than it is now because there are only going to be more people in the world, and more people means more greed, pollution, and resources that might not be available by this time as a result of globalization.


The second section is all about how globalization affects real world decisions and sharing that process through a product of my choosing.

  • My product is Ugg Brand boots

  • Australia, New york, UK (turquoise dots)- sheepskin boots originate, sheep raised, skin harvested, shipped to Southern California/Moscow

  • Southern California; Fujian, China(yellow dots)- idea to wear sheepskin boots in America, boots assembled with materials from Australia, shipped all around US/world

  • Moscow(blue dot)- major shipping location

  • Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, China(all other dots)- concept stores

  • Environmental:

There are over nine shipments in the process of making Ugg boots which causes much more pollution than necessary. Also the making of these boots kills a large group of sheep in one sitting and it takes the skin of up to 8 sheep to make one boot.

  • Technological:

There are many hand manufacturing machines involved in the process of making Ugg’s which doesn’t allow the company to evolve using technology. It also causes the process to run slower using employee operated technology instead of automatic machines.

  • Cultural:

There are many cultures such as China, that use sheep for their resources that they give off such as wool, meat, milk, and skin. These boots are made from sheep skin so this could affect the population of sheep causing the resources that people use from sheep to decrease. In ancient Egypt, sheep were worshiped and they still are today in certain tribes, the making of these boots may offend their religious ways with the mass

  • Economic:

There are 9 out of 11 retail spaces that are out of the country which is costing the company less so that means lower wages for the employees overseas. This also takes jobs away from americans causing an economic deadlock in the system because each side is pushing for a different solution. The employees overseas want a higher wage but the employees in the US want their jobs back.

A solution to the problem caused by my product to the environment would be to decrease the mass killing of sheep at one time, have them donate their excess sheep material such as meat to local soup kitchens to prevent waste, and possibly decrease the amount of shipping involved in the process of making the boots to minimize pollution into the atmosphere.

Below are three maps that show most likely how the Ugg's manufacturing process is possible using shipping, factory locations and populations in that area. The population map represents how many people live in a certain area compared to other areas. The transportation map represents how people and goods travel to make manufacturing products possible. The Ugg map shows how the process is carried out to make the boots and how many stops it has made along the way.

Section 3

The third section is how globalization is involved in my life and how it affects me. Globalization relates to me because I am a living example of globalization in the world and I contribute to it everyday. For example, I wake up in the morning and go to school which is free, this is a privilege that not a lot of other cultures and countries are able to have. Well, school is not free to taxpayers who actually provide funding for the school which drives down the local economy. I step into my clothes and put on my backpack which are all exported from countries around the world using technology such as trains, planes, ships, and trucks. These types of technology basically lets the jobs from america move to foreign countries. I get onto the bus which is polluting the air and using fossil fuels to move so that takes up natural resources. At least I recycle which helps the environment and not contribute to mountains of trash in dumps. My parents have jobs that contribute to the local/worldwide economy since there are locations all around the world of the company that my Dad works for and in the summer, so will I. When a company has offices around the world,that takes advantage of desperate workers and they provide low wages for their employees that are overseas. In 15 years, I think globalization will be an even more common term used in everyday life but like today, no one will really realize that they are contributing to it in almost everything they do during their daily schedule. I think that technology will be so advanced that there will be devices that can tell how much you contribute to globalization and I think that each culture will eventually adapt to the new technological and economical norms of the future. I also think that the environment will be improved by the economics of the world so I think that there will be more companies out there that will be more devoted to help heal the environment and what we have done to it so far.

6 Word Story of Globalization Relating to Me:

Globalization helps to hurt my world.