Cordelia Hills

Staff Update, 11/18/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: The Good News Referrals and Postcards continue to roll in. Thank you! It means alot to our community to hear about and recognize all of the positives that happen on our campus each day! Thank you to the many staff members and volunteers who have given our students access to our CHE Coyote Garden. From a simple viewing to actual observation to planting. It is truly becoming a centerpiece for our school community. Finally, I believe I have read every report card for our students. Thank you for your hard work and thoughtful comments.

Grow: I reflected a ton about our staff meeting conversation on small group data collection. While it is just one part of getting small group up and running, I think the conversation leads to a bigger instructional data questions: How do you know what students know? How soon do you know it? What do you do with that information once you know (small group, one on one, or whole class)?

Minimum Days/Spirit Week

Please proactively notify your parents that November 18-22 is Conference week with minimum days. TK schedule remains the same, ALL other students go to school from 8:20-11:50. Lunch is DURING the school day (I'll send a separate email about that).

Our Student Leadership Team is hosting a Spirit Week that week and has dress up days/themes for each day. Specific themes for each day will be announced ASAP via a PTA flyer and signs. A preview:

Monday Multiples day - cause twins are great but why stop there?

Tuesday: Dress like a parent day or wear formal wear (tie/collared shirt or dress up dress)

Wednesday: Crazy/Wacky Wednesday - from a couple of years ago - this was their favorite day

Thursday: Teacher/Student/Principal Swap - kids dress up like teachers/principal and adults dress up like their kids

Friday: Sports and cookies day - Students

Attendance, Student and Staff/Reminder!

Our MTSS Team reviewed chronic absent students this past week. We identified 39 currently chronic absent students. That number is slightly higher now a week later. Many of the students are a few days away from being off the list. We have now identified eight students for case management and will monitor the rest. If you have concerns about a students attendance, feel free to reach out to me or to Karen Latora to discuss cases and/or strategy.

Remember, I track school wide attendance here! One of the best things we can do to find success for our students is to celebrate their presence and to make sure we are the ones leading them each day! Thanks for your commitment.

MTSS Request for Assistance/SSTs

Request for Assistance. This form comes to me directly.

CH SST Form. This form goes to Sandi Fallon.

PBIS/MTSS Need to know. "

Trotter Calendar

As always, you should have access to my calendar. I will send it out just in case. Here are some upcoming highlights:

11/18: Mtg with maintenance director @ 7:00, Martha Lacy Ed visit @ 8:00, Elementary Level Meeting @ Suisun Valley @ 3:00, K-8 Principal FSMA Discussion @ 5:00

11/19: Elementary Level MTSS @ 1:00

11/25-11/29: NO School, Thanksgiving Break. Please make sure to shut down your class

12/2: School Reopens, Monday Admin Mtg

12/3: Staff meeting

Staff Meeting Resources!--UPDATED this week

Slide deck for Small Group Instruction here!

November Staff Meeting

Update Slide Deck for Module 2

FIA Assessment here

Online Referral System (Use your google sign in to log-in)


We have new "parent mail" postcards to send home. They are starting to trickle in. If you need another copy, let me know. Please treat it as a postcard and write on the left side only so I can fit an address/stamp on it. THanks!

Donors Choose

Many of you put together some awesome "" requests. As a school, your work to gain donations to use for specific projects, supplies, activities, and furniture from the community is appreciated! A few things:

1. Please let me know if you have submitted a Donors Choose project. Send me the link and I will be sure to include it in my parent newsletter and on our Facebook page.

2. If the project includes furniture, it must be approved by our purchasing department. If you send me the specs ahead of time, I have no issue sending it to the appropriate staff for approval.

3. Send me any photos AFTER the arrival of the project and I will also include that in any parent newsletter/FB/IG post.

PTA Calendar, 2019-2020