The Chop Shop

from 11am to 7pm

Rising to Success

How long they stay open depends on their competitors, hospitality, and being able to adapt to the customers wants.

Start Up

On average it is about 100k to 250k in capital start-up to get a well established sub-sandwich shop going. If you are that confident in your business and you want to take out a loan then go ahead although its often spoken of as an unwise choice.

Easy Peasy Quick & Breezy

Necessary Equipment

Toaster Ovens, Refrigerators, Spoons/Forks/Knives, Microwaves, Fountain Drinks, Paper Cups/Plates/Bowls. For the baking & fountain drink necessities i will purchase used equipment. For the others i will buy new. The average cost of these things is about 50k to 150k


My targeting will be people from all ages, gender, religion, and any profession. I want my business to be as diverse as possible. the more diverse we are the more customers brought in which means a more successful business.

Taking Over

As a small business owner I find it easy to manage my own business, and only that all the profits go straight to me. I am well aware of the risks involved in owning my own business, but those are the risks I am willing to take to become successful.
After examining what all goes into creating a successful business i think i could achieve that goal, but I'm not very patient nor do I wish to take on the stress owning my own business brings.