This Week at AES

1/4 -1/8

This Week at a Glance

Monday 1/4

  • $2 Jean Day
  • Homework Committee 4:00

Tuesday 1/5

  • Christ Club
  • Staff Meeting: Lock Down Review

Wednesday 1/6

  • No Special Events Planned

Thursday 1/7

  • No Special Events Planned

Friday 1/8

  • Report Cards go home
  • 2nd House Meeting

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Notes for the Week

This Week is a Primary Guidance Week

Prior to Christmas Break, I shared some of the goals for the remainder of the school year. As a PLC start working on your timeline to complete these items prior to April 30th :

  • Development and Implementation of 1 Science Unit
  • Implementation of Lucy Calkins Unit
  • Examine current Essential Standards: Add standards that you believe are Essential to your grade level and Remove standards that your grade level do not believe are essential. Achieve the Core’s Major Works of the Grade should be used for Mathematics.
  • Examine ELA and Math Standards and determine which non-essential standards are Secondary and Tertiary. Achieve the Core’s Major Works of the Grade should be used for Mathematics.

Our Vision

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Vision and Mission

Last year our Leadership Council worked to pen the statement above. We then took the statement to all staff and SBDM council for review. I felt this was an extremely important step as we look to what we want to become. Over the past 2 weeks I have been doing a lot of reading. Besides feeling pretty confident that I could live on Mars and survive in a Griever attack in a maze;, I am also became much more excited about our mission and vision.

Our mission is Always Expect Success. When this mission was developed, it was intended for staff, parents, community members, and students. If we all truly expect success, we will all show an intense focus on attaining our goal. As a staff, our Vision is that goal. Ultimately our vision is to provide the Best Environment, the Best Opportunities, and Best Practices so our students can become the best versions of themselves. Every schedule, lesson plan, small group, and even the words we speak to our students should be focused on providing these to our students. We have been committed to these in the past, but I am going to ask that each of you examine everything you do in your role at Audubon. Are you building the Best Environment? Are you Providing the Best Opportunities? Are you Planning and/or Implementing the Best Instructional Practices? There were probably many of these areas where you answered a resounding YES. If you didn't answer each of them with that same intensity, I hope you begin to examine how you can begin providing the area (s) that you are missing.

I am excited about the remainder of this school year. I am committed to working alongside each of you as we provide each of these for our students. I hope each of you are as refreshed and excited about the next few months.

Let's do this!