Virginia Civil Rights Memorial

Fighting for African American equal rights

Dedicated in July, 2008 by Stanley Bleifeld

There are 4 sides to this memorial, and 18 important figures. Each side has significant people that were involved in helping African Americans gain civil rights. On the front side, the main figure is Barbara Rose Jones. In 1951, she led a group of school children out of their segregated schools because of the poor conditions. She worked to gain civil rights throughout her life. The opposite side of this memorial shows their vision for future for African Americans. They have high skilled jobs, and have equal rights. The other two sides of the monument show other versions of the future for equal rights.

Why is this important to history?

  1. This memorial shows the struggle of the African Americans wanting to gain civil rights. One side shows them in the past with unequal rights, and the other side showed their vision for the future. This monument tell us about African Americans and civil rights in VA.

Virginia Civil Rights Monument Richmond, VA 23219