By: Hailey Pitcher


Ed Catmull created Pixar after Steve Jobs bought it for him. These men had worked at many different animation and computer companies. When the Lucasfilm Computer Division decided to sell their company, Steve Jobs decided to buy it. Ed Catmull named it Pixar Inc. after a computer. Pixar was created in California in 1986. Ed Catmull enjoyed animating so he came up with his own company that animated and created computers.


When Pixar was first created, they mostly just sold computers. There were only a couple animators. Pixar hired John Lasseter to become their main animator. Soon, not many people bought their computers because not many people animated.

Pixar eventually came out with a new animation computer called Computer Animation Production System (CAPS). Disney used CAPS to create The Little Mermaid.

Pixar made many short films. This allowed them to come up with new ideas to improve their movies. A short film called Tin Toy challenged them to create a human baby. Pixar won many awards for their short films at SIGGRAPH conferences.

Pixar started to lose money because their computers weren't popular. They had to start creating commercials so they could stay in business. Their first commercial in 1989 was for Tropicana Orange Juice. They also did Lifesaver, Listerine, Pillsbury, Volkswagen, and Trident Gum.

Disney and Pixar decided to make a movie together. They created Toy Story in 1995. Their first draft was rejected because Disney didn't like the plot. Pixar didn't give up and Disney eventually accepted the movie. During this time, Steve Jobs decided to quietly sell Pixar. The Toy Story film was successful, so Steve Jobs stopped looking for a buyer. In 1997 Disney and Pixar decided to become partners. Soon, they started A Bug's Life in 1998. They had half of the crew work on Toy Story 2 in 1999. They created Monster's Inc. in 2001. Sulley had 2, 310, 413 animated hairs. In 2003 and 2004 Pixar made Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Cars was created in 2006. In 2007 to 2010, Pixar and Disney made Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3.

Now, Pixar is in a bigger building in Emeryville, California. Each movie brings new challenges. They win many awards for their movies. John Lasseter is the director for many of Pixar's movies. Pixar now runs an animation school called Pixar University.

Impact on Society

Pixar made a big impact on society. They earned millions of dollars each time a new film was released. For Toy Story, Pixar earned over $38 million. People really enjoy watching all their animated movies. They created many animation computers like CAPS. Pixar improved their animation skills with each movie. In Monster's Inc. they figured out how to animate fur.

Without Pixar, many animation computers wouldn't be here today. People wouldn't be able to watch their favorite animated movies. The world wouldn't know all the new skills that Pixar discovered.

Important Person

Ed Catmull created Pixar because he really enjoyed animating and his former company was for sale. When he was younger, Ed Catmull dreamed of becoming an animator, but didn't believe in himself. Instead he pursued math and science. Before founding Pixar, Ed Catmull worked for many different computer companies.
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Product-Top 3 Movies

  • Finding Nemo won the Best Animated Feature award and became the highest-grossing film ever.
  • Up won the Best Animated Feature and the Best Original Score awards.
  • The Incredibles won the Best Animated Film and the Best Sound Editing awards.
Pixar: The Incredibles - original 2004 movie trailer