Oak-wood High

Charter School

STEM Charter School

Oak-wood High is a charter school surrounded around the basis of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). A charter school is a school funded by the county and uphold academic results.Our school's purpose is to prepare students for college and a career.


Mission Statement: My school is here to help students achieve their true goals and dreams through hard work.

Vision Statement: Students who come to this school will achieve greatness through perseverance and a positive attitude. Our goal is to prepare them for the real world and to help students complete their objective in life.


Our school engages students in math and science to generate interest in engineering and technology using hands on learning and critical thinking as young adults. Our school also offers fine art classes like orchestra, band, chorus, and also visual art classes.


Our students and teaches are called the night owls. The owl is associated with the goddess Athena who is a symbol of intelligence and wisdom.

Come To Our School!

If you want to have a career in technology or engineering come to our school! This school will help peak interests in students that will want to approach a career in the engineering or technology field.