Ms. Francois Monthly Newsletter

September 21'


* Social and Emotional Learning – We are learning what happens in your brain when you learn new concepts.

* Reading In class, students are reading the book Poppy by Avi. Through this novel study students will learn about main idea, supporting details, plot as well as cause and effect. Students are maintaining a notebook to record their daily assignments. This notebook will be sent home upon completion of our unit.

* Writing Students will be writing their first narrative story from the perspective of a character in Poppy.

* MathThe first 8 days we will be completing warm-up activities and then proceeding onto multiplication.

* Science We will be starting our first unit on sound. An introduction letter was sent home on the first day.


Students will not be assigned an actual homework packet this year. Periodically students will be asked to finish in class work if they need additional time.

After October 1st students will have access to their i-ready accounts for math and reading. Students will be expected to complete 45 minutes of math and 45 minutes of reading instruction each week. On average students should pass two lessons within each subject during this time. Students will be given time to complete this in class during center rotations. If students are unable to complete these in class you will be notified, and we ask that students finish the lessons at home. Students are always able to complete more lessons if you would like.

Please check student’s take home folders daily to gather any notes and/or forms that need to be read and returned.


Monday- Music

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Library- Bring all library books back every Thursday to check out new books!

Friday- Physical Education (P.E.)- Please wear closed toed gym shoes every Friday.


9:10-9:35: Breakfast/Social and Emotional Learning

9:35-10:45: Math

10:45-11:25: Lunch and Recess

11:25-11:55: Math Centers

11:55-12:35: Specialist (Library, Music or Art) *see schedule above

12:35-1:05: Reading

1:05-1:55: Reading/Writing Centers

1:55-2:05: Recess

2:05-2:45: Writing

2:45-3:30: Science

3:30: Dismissal


9:10-9:35: Breakfast/Social and Emotional Learning

9:35-10:45: Math

10:45-11:25: Lunch and Recess

11:25-11:30: Bathroom and Handwashing

11:30-12:00: Physical Education

12:00-12:15: Math Centers

12:15-12:45: Reading

12:45-1:20: Reading/Writing Centers

1:20-1:45: Writing

1:45-1:55: Recess

1:55-2:15: Science

2:15 Dismissal


Thank you for your patience as we navigate drop off and pick up here at Emerson. Here are a few reminders:

  • We would like to ask that all parents who are picking up after school please use the designated pick-up area.
  • While in the pick-up area please maintain social distancing.
  • To ensure student safety, we are asking parents and students to not use the bus entrance to retrieve their child.
  • If you are picking up by car, please place the designated signs on your dashboard and hold them up so staff can see them as you move through the line.
  • We are asking all students to remain seated until they are called by a staff member.

Thank you for your assistance in following our school procedures as our main goal is to keep all students safe :)


  • Our first three days were a success! We focused on routines and procedures to keep all our Falcon’s safe while in school.
  • 3rd grade students have an early lunch this year starting at 10:35 and ending at 10:55.
  • Send your child with a filled water bottle daily as we do not have extra available for students to use. We ask that all students take them home at the end of the day to wash and bring back the following day.
  • To reward positive behavior, we are continuing to use our SOAR tickets. Students receive these for showing respectful, responsible and safe behavior. Students will be able to “cash” in their soar tickets at our new Falcon store within our building.
  • Please send your child with an extra mask daily to use if needed.

To get to know you and your child better fill out this form:


Picture Day is September 22nd! Please fill out the picture day form if you would like photo packages. If you need an extra copy of the form please let me know!


Ms. Vicky Francois

Admin Intern

Maestra de tercer grado/Third Grade Teacher

Escuela Primaria/Emerson/Elementary School