NCVPS French 3 - Yearlong

Madame Hardy

End of the Semester

We only have three and a half weeks left in the semester! There are no extensions at the end of the semester. ALL work must be completed by the end of the day on FRIDAY, MAY 22nd! If your child is currently behind (which is most of them) they need to do their best to get caught up as soon as possible so that they are not scrambling at the end to prepare for their final exam. If your child's initials are BB, SHo, MR, NS, or DY they are caught up as of last Friday. Everyone else has fallen behind in Unit 9.

I will be reopening Unit 8 on Friday May 15th. If they are still working on late assignments at that point it won't do them much good because they won't have time to complete everything they are missing as well as the assignments (including the FINAL) which are due the last week.

If you have any questions about what your child is missing, please let me know!