Important Details

What tools do you need to go camping?

  • chainsaw
  • heater
  • tent
  • food
  • water
  • you must have a map of the area that you will be visiting

These are just some of the absolute necessities.

Winter Camping

For winter camping you need different materials.

  • you need warm clothes
  • heater
  • extra sleeping bags
  • if you are expecting snow make sure you have waterproof shoes/boots
  • if you plan in hiking pack plenty of extra gear
  • if you don't have waterproof stuff then make sure you prepare to have to make revisions to your wardrobe
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Summer Camping

For summer/spring camping you need other things.

  • you may need to prepare for hot weather and dehydration
  • have items that will help with bugs
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Where do you go camping?

  • scout the area
  • know the weather you will encounter
  • be prepared for any dangerous animals that live in that area
  • make sure you have enough food, water, and a heat source

My favorite places to go camping

One of the areas that my family visits most often is Savory Creek in Austin Nevada. It makes an amazing hunting spot. This is where I killed my first deer.

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