Sixth Grade Band Bulletin

Mid-October Edition

Quick Announcements

Dear Parents

Do you have Cubs Fever? This is a big deal at the Buckley house. I've been a Die-Hard Cubs Fan since 1980. I think this is going to be the year! This will be really short! Just a few bits of information for you.

As always, please contact me with questions/concerns.


Rob Buckley

First GLE Unit Due

Wednesday marks the last day of the first GLE Unit. Most of the students finished the unit on time (some very early!!). If your child is not practicing consistently at home, it is going to be VERY difficult to pass the GLE's on time. Practice (Building Myelin) is essential to improvement. If your child is not consistent at practicing at home, please develop a plan. Remember--minutes do not matter! It's all about setting a goal and accomplishing that goal. Final GLE grades will go into Powerschool this week.

Wednesday marks the last help session (after school). It's only for students not done with the GLE. It ends at 4:00pm.

Field Trip Permission On Hold

I am sorry the Field Trip Permission Form has not come home. We are waiting to hear back from the Theater about our lunch plans. We started this process about 2 weeks ago when we received confirmation. The theater is not responding to us. Assuming we can eat at the theater (a question we have asked to multiple people who are still waiting to get back to us), we will be ordering pizzas that will be delivered. Once we have confirmation (I've been assured it will be Wednesday 10/14)--I'll send the FT permission home. Because of the delay, we have to have a very short turn-around to return permission slips/$$. PLEASE, get the forms back to us on time we are up against a deadline.


Some of our students deserve a big High 5 when you see them!

Talley Miller recently performed in Seussical Jr. at the BFAC

Joe Caltigerone who rocked out at his Guitar Recital

Kelsie Hoffmann and Natalie Hayden who made it into the prestigious RMS Symphonic Band as sixth graders!

If your child is involved in music outside of RMS, please let me know! I always want to celebrate the students' success!

Jazz Band/Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble (the audition-based jazz group) has auditions this Thursday. Students planning on trying out need to be signed up. Students should see me or Mr. Ozsvath if needing to sign up.

Jazz Band students who signed up for Jazz Band will be getting emails confirming their participation this week/weekend. The first rehearsal is Tuesday, October 20--7:00am (be there by 6:55am--to be early is to be on be on time is to be late).

Students who try out for Jazz Ensemble but for whatever reason do not make it are STRONGLY encouraged to play in the Jazz Band. A lot of times, it is an experience issue. Students who make JE have more experience. Jazz Band is the perfect place to get that experience!

Odds and Ends

Polo Shirts Go Home Wednesday--look for it. Thanks to the moms who helped label them!

Scale Quiz will be due on October 27. I want all students to take quiz via chromebook using Screencastify. Students not having internet at home can do them at school.