Best Web 2.0 Tools

Learned in the Web 2.0 Class at LaFollette High School

Google Reader

Follow your favorite blogs and RSS feed and get all of the information in one place!


A "Glog" is a graphic blog. It's great for when you need a visual during a presentation or are trying to give people more information about a certain topic.


An online bookmarking tool so you have all of your bookmarks in the same place! You can also see other sites that people find helpful and bookmark them.


Sites to create "word clouds" which are great visuals for presentations. Wordle allows you to create some shapes, but with Taxgedo, you can get more creative and make more complex shapes. The example to the right was created on Tagxedo.


Basically a binder for all of your online resources! Similar to Delicious, but more focused on a certain topic.


A site to make online and interactive timelines. You can link to videos, pictures, and other websites right on your timeline!

Khan Academy

An online tutor in subjects like Math, Science, and Test Prep! Thousands of videos and practice problems to help you understand your schoolwork.


A site where you "pin" your favorite things and link to the site where you can purchase them. Allows you to "re-pin" posts from other pinners.

And of course, this site!