Cole Porter

A renowned composer, songwriter, and Lyricist

Major Accomplishments

Porter wrote many hit songs that were in Broadway shows and Hollywood films. "Let's Do It ( Let's Fall In Love)" For (Paris) (1928) was his first big hit and the beginning of his great Broadway career. Other songs like "Night and Day", "I Get A Kick Out Of You", and "You're The Top" were also very popular. He also won awards such as the Grammy Hall of Fame award, Grammy Trustees Award, and Grammy Award for Best Sound track Album or Recording Original cast From a Motion, just to name a few.

His Life in Paris

Cole moved to Paris in July of 1917 where he flourished socially. To America he was considered a war hero because he lied to the American military about his involvement working with the french army, he carried that throughout his whole life. He depended on music for his income. He enjoyed parties in his lavish apartment and entertained guest with music, was around a lot of gays and bisexuals, He impacted Paris with his music other than that he just wanted to get away from america.