Computer Ergonomics

The proper ways to position yourself while using a computer

Where to Place Your Hands

While using a computer, the proper place to put your hands are right in front of you on the keyboard. Your right hand fingers should be over the j, k, l, and ; keys. Your left hand fingers should be over the f, d, s, and a keys. Both thumbs should be placed over the space bar.

When Sitting in Your Seat

While sitting in your seat you will need to sit up straight and you need to be facing the screen. Doing this helps you maintain your focus and concentration on the screen. This also helps prevent any back problems that could be caused if you were to be sitting slumped over in the chair.

Examples of Proper and Improper Ergonomics

Using Proper Ergonomics Helps You Maintain Concentration

The Upsides to Using Proper Ergonomics

The pros to using proper ergonomics are that for one you won't suffer from any back problems that are likely to be caused if you don't sit straight in your chair. Another pro is that you will more than likely get more done because you won't be suffering from headaches or dry eyes, as long as you keep a safe distance from the screen.