Cold War! Stand off for 40 years!



How you ever won a battle. Of course not you're a kid. Well maybe a battle over a juice box. How about who won a game. You know when you and your friend both win together on a team then one person wants to be better than the other. Well this happened with Russia and the United States. Us and Russia both had won World War 2 so they were both these big and bad superpowers, but then both wanted to be the only superpower. They wanted everybody to just follow them. So they both got into this 40 year stand off of trying to make themselves be the bigger and better superpower. So first they both tried to spread their way of government (Russia-communism) ( United States-capitalism). Then they both tried to have more facts about space and be the first to travel in space. Hint hint: US got Neil Armstrong to land on the moon.


Communism is the way that the Russians controlled their people and showed the people their rights. First communism was a way of lifestyle where everybody had the same amount of money and everything was a way to show that everyone was equal. No one was greater than anyone else. It was a way of equality. But there was one problem: someone with a lower end job where the work wasn't as challenging or you didn't have to work as hard or just plan out sitting on there tushi all would get the same salary as a person who worked a harder, much more challenging job, such as a doctor. This government had some flaws, another flaw was that people that did work as hard couldn't show that they work as hard so someone wouldn't think as highly of them as they should have. But it had some good qualities to, no one was better than anyone so no one could brag and no one would be jealous and try and steal a very valuable object.


Capitalism is basically the opposite of communism. Capitalism is the way of government where everybody does have different salaries depending on how they work. Even if you are a coworker, someone could get paid more than you depending how hard they work and etc. So not everyone is the same, they have different clothes and purses depending on what they can afford. Good sides are that it takes a lot of work to work. See what I did there work/work? You're supposed to laugh now. So if you work harder jobs then you get paid more which is basically a more fair way of living. But flaws are people steal because they don't have this item because they don't have enough money to afford the item. Capitalism is a good work lifestyle but you would have to protect yourself from criminals.

Berlin Airlift

Since Russia was trying to spread communism to other countries because they wanted to be bigger and badder and have more people thinking their way of government was run amazingly, some countries were influenced by this. So Berlin was split in half. Germany closed off all transportation ways into West Berlin. So the people of West Berlin had no way to get supplies and food. Instead of the Allies backing out of West Berlin, they used airplanes to deliver food and supplies through the air and drop them down for the people. This went on for about a year.

Space Race

Russia and US were trying to be the best superpower country so they thought if they had the most technology and the better scientists, they would be considered the best superpower. They both tried to show they had the better scientists by being the first to try to travel in space and land on the moon. And have the most advanced spaceships and astronauts that could stay in space for the longest period of time. They tried to learn the most about space and report that so each would appear more advanced than the other. Hint Hint: Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon. This whole competition was a benefit to the US and Russia because they both improved their space technology. Downside of the competition was that a lot of money and time was invested in this.

So which country do you think won?


This 40 year stand off ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union (Russia) (USSR). So as no one really won the cold war, but the Allies definitely came out on top.