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Welcome to 2015! The best is yet to come! This is your year!

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It's a new year! Anything is possible!

Welcome to January! I am so excited to start a new year with a new collection, new exciting January incentives, and a new sign on special to help you build your team and grow your business in 2015. How much do you want to earn this year? We have so many tools at our disposal to help us start our year strong! What are your goals? How do you want to grow your business? How much do you want to sell each month? Are you ready to promote to Associate Stylist? Is this your year to promote to Star? Do you have a goal for your month, your year, or maybe how you want to arrive at Hoopla?

The beauty of our business is that you get to decide when to work, how much you want to work and how much you want to earn. I hope you spend time this month reflecting on what you want this year. The key to accomplishing this is to think about WHY you want it, WHY you deserve it, and why this is so important to you. After spending time thinking about your goals and why you want to go for it in 2015, set time aside to do it. Goals are important, but we all need a plan in place to achieve them. Let us help you!

Your amazing leaders and I are home from Directors retreat and our cups is full and our hearts ready to help you accomplish every single goal big and small. We set our goals as leaders, but our real goal is helping you reach your goals. You are what makes us happy. What makes me happy is helping new leaders emerge and promote before hoopla, new stylists learning how to book shows, helping you sponsor and train your first stylist!

You are part of a strong group of leaders that care so much about you and want to help you focus on what is important to you. What will you do today to move your business forward? Think about the feeling of a full calendar, a promotion, sponsoring your first stylist. Focus on what the results are and how you will celebrate them at Hoopla. Anything is possible! This is going to be your best year ever! It’s time for action!

In January, we are celebrating and rewarding those that start the year strong. Two fabulous ways to earn a FREE piece of a future collection not available to sample yet until Summer! How do you get them FREE? Simply sell $1000 in January and the earrings are yours! Want more? Sponsor two new stylists that go on to qualify in Jumpstart and you get the matching necklace pictured above!

-Earring when you sell 1,000 PQV between 1/10 – 1/31

-Earn the Summer Hibiscus Pendant when you sponsor TWO Stylists between 12/29 – 1/31 who sell 1,000 during their Jumpstart

What a fun way to motivate us all to start booking our January strong by hosting our own show and reaching out to at least 3 separate social circles. Expect "no thank you!" when you are making your booking calls, and simply smile and move on. It takes on average talking to 10 people to book a show. Don't spend any time frustrated or upset when you get a "no thank you". That is NORMAL and part of our job! The more you ask, the more you will book. That is the big secret top sellers share with us is they just don't give up! They simply ask more people to book more shows! We all can do that!

Are you still worried that you have zero shows on your calendar? Don't let fear and anxiety get in the way of what is possible! I had zero on the books yesterday after returning from Director's retreat. I decided to dedicate 2 focused hours to booking shows and today I have three. It took some focused time away from email and facebook, but it always works. I want to book more in January, so I am booking for an hour this afternoon. You can do it too! We all can! It is not too late to book 4 more shows in January! If you want them, go get them!

STELLAR DOTS FLASH INCENTIVE! Win a piece of our new collection for simply filling out this quick 7 question survey! We want to know your 2015 goals!

xoxox Shaina

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BEST SIGN UP SPECIAL EVER!!!! Don't miss out!!

We’re thrilled to announce our best ever Sign Up Special! Now through January 31st, those who sign up will automatically receive an additional $100 in sample credits. But that’s not all! They will also have the chance to earn back the cost of their Starter Kit* ($199) by hitting their Quickstart!

This is the OPPORTUNITY of the year! Help others start their path to success in 2015 with this amazing opportunity! Don't focus on the details. I have learned from those that are top in sponsoring what works. They personally invite their hosts, customers and friends to coffee or a personal time to chat. They ask a TON of questions and get to know them. They don't share all the details of our comp plan or our company. They simply share their joy and enthusiasm and then offer them the opportunity. Another important tip on sponsoring is to help your new stylist book 4 shows BEFORE they sign up. Help them maximize Jumpstart and share with them what has worked for you and others when booking their first few shows.

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January Marketing

Hostess Bonus days - now to January 31st

January Trunk Show exclusives

Best Sign-up Special Ever - now to January 31st

Promotions in December!

Way to finish 2014 strong!

Stylist Career Rank

Tamara Glavich star

Nancey Gerard star

Emily Klinck senior

Maggie Ventura senior

Casey Fleck senior

Danielle Hollier senior

Kara Garavatti senior

Tatum Croft senior

Heather Meagher Assoc Styist

Kristen Parker Assoc Styist

Amanda Bassetti Assoc Styist

Bindhu Millar Assoc Styist

Elizabeth Maya Assoc Styist

Elissa Tryfon Assoc Styist

Leanna Bieganski Assoc Styist

Stacy Buster Assoc Styist

Sarah Tennyson Assoc Styist

Kristin Kramer Assoc Styist

Sara Ghaffari lead

Casie Stoots lead

Raquel Redfield lead

Sarah Barnes lead

December Sales - Congratulations to our top in sales and all of you that were qualified with $500 in sales!

Stylist Retail Volume

1 Jenny Gremillion 10,866

2 Allison Pierson 9,477

3 Corinne Bruzzone 8,890

4 Lori Tahsler 8,307

5 Tamara Glavich 8,045

6 lucy wheeler 7,293

7 Danielle Hollier 7,053

8 Kathi West 6,693

9 Lisa Arrington 6,686

10 Nancey Gerard 6,675

11 Samantha Ballard 6,228

12 Leslie Zodikoff Angier 6,148

13 Ivy Nagel 6,089

14 Molly Hills 5,927

15 Kathleen Whitworth 5,780

16 Cynthia Briggeman 5,147

17 Karie Matthews 5,144

18 Kim Campanelli 5,066

19 Heather Cooper 5,035

20 Bindhu Millar 4,606

21 Casey Fleck 4,333

22 Emily Klinck 4,259

23 Aurelie Erikson 4,239

24 Reagan Roberts 3,806

25 Kara Wood 3,761

26 Adriane Marsh 3,708

27 Jane Reid 3,611

28 kristin barnes 3,604

29 Tatum Croft 3,494

30 Katie Rule 3,484

31 Sara Gummow 3,454

32 Katherine Lopez 3,418


34 Rita Riemer 3,250

35 Laura Schnur 3,200

36 Sara Gross 3,176

37 Angela Womack 3,141

38 Heather Downey 3,052

39 Margaret Blouin 2,993

40 Mary Gomes 2,989

41 Shaina Haller 2,960

42 Heather Meagher 2,913

43 Jan Scott 2,870

44 Elizabeth Maya 2,847

45 Candace Naccari 2,835

46 Liz Hansen 2,830

47 Elissa Tryfon 2,765

48 Peigin Crowley 2,755

49 Loni Brewster 2,748

50 Odette Vandaveer 2,679

51 Kellie Whited 2,664

52 Kristina Clecak 2,643

53 Mia Dalsemer 2,601

54 Susie Lauck 2,594

55 Kristen Marcozzi 2,581

56 Kristen Parker 2,492

57 Jessica Pennington 2,461

58 Marisa Schwabe 2,438

59 Alyssa Schwartz 2,391

60 Jill Hull 2,368

61 Kristen Carter 2,350

62 Jennifer Archer 2,348

63 Jenny Raffield 2,330

64 Amanda Bassetti 2,316

65 Rae Dykes 2,279

66 Kate Uribe 2,195

67 Karena Paulsen 2,175

68 Ellen Miller 2,136

69 Mary Haigh 2,001

70 Kim Gales 2,000

71 Mariah Coverston 1,987

72 Fiona Carroll 1,978

73 Sarah Barnes 1,963

74 Melissa Lienhard 1,951

75 Tiffany Smith Phifer 1,893

76 Kris Waters 1,880

77 Nicole Esparza 1,873

78 Laurie THERON 1,848

79 Chara Rodrigues 1,842

80 Nicole Araiza 1,840

81 Jennifer Monnerjahn 1,833

82 Maggie Ventura 1,827

83 Julie Williams 1,821

84 Meghan Baker 1,817

85 Ann Conter 1,812

86 Suzanne Phay 1,790

87 Alexa Hill 1,756

88 Ashley Key 1,740

89 Kristina Fox 1,732

90 Kelsi Schmitz 1,723

91 Elena Pyle 1,701

92 Tiffany Burgess 1,701


94 Sophia Dalton 1,697

95 Ariana Willie 1,683

96 Carley Martin 1,669

97 McKenzie Garcia 1,667

98 stephanie nixon 1,657

99 Mary Clements 1,619

100 Hilleri Keely 1,608

Sponorting In December!

Ivy Nagel 2

Mary Gomes 2

Heather Meagher 2

Allison Pierson 1

Lori Tahsler 1

Samantha Ballard 1

Kim Campanelli 1

Heather Cooper 1

Bindhu Millar 1

Aurelie Erikson 1

Kristina Clecak 1

Kristen Parker 1

Jennifer Archer 1

Nicole Araiza 1

Kelsi Schmitz 1

Ragan Edwards 1

Nicole Ervin 1

Jennifer Finley 1

lauren fuller 1

Leah Edmonds 1

Sara Ghaffari 1

Tanya Abbate 1

Marcia Brockman 1

Mindi Nichols 1

Holly Schott 1

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