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Function MMB camp 2.0

In 12th March,oGCDP function held function camp 2.0,which aims at clarifying MMB job description,doing expectation about the function, making synergy plan happen with iGCDP function,educating basic GIS operation.

CAMP review

Firstly,we do a clarify of our identies. We are AIESECers first, we undertake the organization vision which is "Peace & fullfillment of humankinds potential",
as a member of AIESEC MoC, we undertake the 10years vision of AIESEC MoC which decided in 2010"We envision a generation of globally competitive leader can positively impact tomorrow's China",
then as AIESEC JLU, we undertake the LC vision "We envision to develop youth to be globally competitive leaders by providing diverse experience",
as oGCDP function, we undertake our vision"让exchange,成为每一个吉林大学学生的大学规划"
Secondly, after review of our winter holiday's work, we started the session of function year plan. MMBs did a one-to-one matched strategy&actionplan. During the process,MMBs show the capacity of teamwork, but we could be better. Summary the points are, sharing personal situation and resources actively could make the team work in high efficiency; caring for others feeling is a basic thing in team.
Thirdly, we start our session with iGCDP, we break the group with iGCDP, had a discussion about environment issue together. In the process, people with different mindset started to understand each other.Finally we achieve a timeline of Issue based training,which will be preapared by two functions.
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Key Task Highlight

1.MMB personal plan

MMBs need to do a team plan, which content should contain key activity, timeline, team goal.


GC infosession is going to be held on 27th in Nanqu campus, 28th in Nanling campus.

Idea sharing:
Returnee Panel Talk, 3 topics, 1.What issue you woked on & how do you think the issue? 2.How did you work with different background people? 3.How was the country culture?
after 15mins panel talk, we move to returnee sharing, which needs more than 13 stories.

3.Basic knowledge learning

It's a good time to learn basic knowledge about Global citizen product, here comes the materials which contains 1.Financial booklet, which clarify the rules of EP financial process. 2.GIS operation video,which contains EP flow and EPM flow, 3.5Issue

Function Knowledge

Standard & Satisfaction
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Russia National Project Sharing

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If you wanna know more

Our function network disk is Baiduyun

Password: aiesecjlu
A good leader can give your member sense of safety

It' a very good explain of what is a good leader from TED Click and watch