Hunting The Hunter

By: Ben Littrell (B-Drizzle)


Book Review

  • Setting- Multiple States
  • Main Character(s)- The main characters in this book are Aiden and Meg Falconer, fugitives on the run to do everything they can to try to break their parents out of prison. Aiden has medium long hair and it's dark too, almost black, and Meg( or Meghan) is short with long blonde hair. This book is actually in a series and they do grow throughout the series and look different growing or in a disguise. I would be friends with them because they seem cool and they are on their own running from the cops and get to do whatever they want.
  • Other Character(s)- Other characters are Hairless Joe, a tall,bald,buff so called con-man to trying to capture Aiden and Meg Falconer, and he also works for the government
  • Characters I did like/dislike- I did like Aiden and Meg because they're the main characters and I think they're pretty awesome!
  • What Happened At The Beginning Of The Story- Aiden and Meg were at a farm to hide from the police.
  • What Happened In The Middle Of The Story- They're fugitive life is getting more suspenseful running into police officers trying to hide.
  • What Happened At The End Of The Story- They run into "Hairless Joe" for the last time and end up shooting him in the head