By: Brenden Hopf

Was the country founder of the EU

The country Croatia was not a founder of the EU.

History of country. Was the country part of another country at any point?

Croatia was part of the country called Yugoslavia.

3 interesting facts about Croatia

Croatia is located east of Italy, south of Slovenia, west of bonsia and Herzegovina. On the east coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Flag meanings

The flag has 3 lines with there coat of arms in the middle.

Currency type

The current yoused in Croatia is Croatian kuna

Government type

The government type in Croatia is a presidential government.

Geography of Croatia. Physical features.

Dinaric alps, plitvice lake vation perks waterfalls are some physical features of Europe.
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Capital of Croatia and 4 major cities.

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb and the 4 cities are Zadar, Rueka, Karloff, and pula.

Tourism; what attracts people to Croatia

What attracts people to Croatia is Diocletians palace and plitvice lake national park in plitvice, jezera.
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Croatia and the EU

Croatia joined the EU on July 1st 2013
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