" i'm going to get my pay back"

Me and why i hate my sister

She gets every boy, she gets everything, and it’s not fair! About 3 weeks ago she stole my husband and the just ran off into the sunset. Now it’s time for pay back.

I’m Aphaires and my sister is the “beautiful” Aphrodite she is a pain in abdomen. I despised her, she stole my husband and all I hear every day Aphaires “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, I try not to listen to her but then again she’s my sister.

I have light brown hair, I’m very nice, and have blue eyes, and my favorite color is pink. I’m not self-absorbed like my sister I put others before myself.

Aphrodite is so self-absorbed all she does all day is ay how beautiful she is and she looks at herself in a mirror all day like a dog seeing its reflection. She thinks she is the ailment god and she’s bigger and better than everyone else.

Everyone believes she’s so gorgeous. I was walking around the palace and all I hear is Aphrodite this and Aphrodite that god it’s so annoying!

Planing for mounths

My plan unfolding

I’ve been planning to strike her down for months now it’s time to let the beast out of its cage, she’s has pushed my last button.

I was sitting waiting for everyone to go to sleep but I knew that my sister wouldn’t go to bed that early she’s to fond of herself. I took one of my father’s blats and BANG now she’s is the most hideous and disgusting thing on earth.

I pushed her off of Mount. Olympus and I said “go see how it feels to not be so beautiful now.” That’s how the leagues of the cockroach began.

To be honest I kind of missed my sister, I envied all the action I was getting, I was always thinking how my sister was doing or how she was feeling, everyone asked about all I said was that she was on a long journey and that I couldn’t tell anybody but my father never believed me. Hatred is one of those things it takes over you and now I regret it all.