Stop Motion Animation

Motion from Stillness

What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion, or stop frame, is a style of animation that makes physical objects appear to move on their own by moving the objects little by little and taking individual photographs of each movement.

What do you need to make your own?

To get started...

you will need the following...

  • A camera
  • A tripod, or some other way to keep your shots steady
  • Actors or Objects (for your characters!)
  • Patience
  • Editing software, or a stop motion app

Pixilation is a stop motion technique that uses live actors. The actors have to stand very still in between each shot, only moving a tiny bit at a time to create the illusion of motion. This technique allows you to create cool effects- for example, you can make it look like your friend is flying through the air or sliding along the floor on their belly.