Do Cats "Rule" and Dogs "Drool"?

By Kendall Costello on December 1, 2014

Pet enthusiasts are constantly debating whether cats or dogs are superior. Now there is a report that confirms that it may be a toss-up - when it comes to drinking liquids. While one has figured out how to do lap up liquids without as much as wetting a whisker, the other has developed a smarter technique.

Physicists have long puzzled over the drinking mechanisms of the animals. That's because while humans possess cheek muscles that can create the suction necessary to draw up water, cats and dogs do not. This means they have had to get a little creative.

In conclusion, while cats have figured out a technique to drink water in a neat, dainty manner, dogs use sheer force to ingest it as quickly as they can. The scientists are not sure about the reason for the difference in the drinking methods. Some believe it may have to do with the sensitivity of the cat's whiskers, while others think it may be because cats hate water. Dogs, on the other hand, love getting wet.

Though this research satiates the curiosity of the researchers and pet owners, especially those that fret over their drooling dogs, it appears to have little value beyond that. Regardless, Stocker embraces the curiosity that inspired the experiments. As he states, “Although people may not appreciate that, curiosity is often what motivates science" - and who knows, the biomechanics of a cats’ tongue may someday be handy in designing robotic devices that gently move around water.
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Cats truly aren't messy when it comes to drinking water, dogs can be very messy depending on the breed or just how the dog is in general (meaning not all dogs are messy). But when it comes to which one rules or drools it's just your opinion on which animal you like best. But in our opinion, we think dogs rule because they're fun, cute, soft, & really cool animals.