Wildlife Conservation network

Helping endangered species


Did you know that 1 out of every 1,000 species goes extinct every year? It's crazy to think that that number is growing to! About 40 mammals are already extinct and 1/4 of mammals are in danger of going extinct! 1/8 of birds are in danger and 1/3 of amphibian species. You won't believe this but there's less then 400 asiatic lions left in the world! It's crazy to think how fast animals are disappearing in the world! We must stop all species from going on that endangered species list!

Together we can help wildlife heros save endangered animals

Together we can help wildlife heros save endangered animals

The Wildlife Conservation network helps save endangered animals. They operate in San Francisco, California. The conservation was founded by Charles Knowles. They give money to other foundations that help endangered animals. They started in the 1990s and have a large staff that is highly trained. They have done multiple projects all over the world helping certain animals at certain times There main objective is to stop endangered animals from going on the endangered species list.
Wildlife Conservation Network

How you can help

Wcn has there own website called wildnet.org. Once you go to the website there are two buttons you can press to help. There's the get involved button where you could volunteer, became a guest speaker or you can supply for support. If you press the donate button it will bring you to a different part of the website where you can donate 1 dollar to 100,000,000 dollars if you wanted to. By choosing to donate or get involved you will be helping animals no matter what you choose.
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