Media and Tech Headlines

Week of 10/12/15

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No Checkout THIS Friday after 9:30 am

Destiny, Woodland's library catalog database, will be down for maintenance starting at 9:30 am this Friday. I know this causes a huge inconvenience, but I thank you for your understanding. Please encourage students to come BEFORE Friday, so they have a good book for the weekend.

Library Closed During Active ITBS Testing

While students are actively testing, the media center is closed for student checkout; however, once the all call is made stating testing is over, students can be sent to the media center for checkout.

All media center classes are cancelled next week because Ms. Hilton and I will be assisting with administering and proctoring the tests.

Ms. Mills will be using the computers for her scheduled specials classes, so computers will not be available for the entire week.

I will do my best to reschedule where I can, but I make no promises!

Mandatory Security Awareness Training

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