Leslie McGill


I rate this book a 5 because, i really like this book.

Short Summary

Keshawn's life was about before and after. Before, Keshawn didn't have a computer. After, he helped his mom install software on their new computer. To monitor him. What a joke! It got him thinking. He could make money. So he offered his skills. Grades for cash. It was that simple. Only it wasn't. Then he realized Neecy was his way out. She needed good grades. But she wnted to earn them. Keshawn knew she would make it right.


The conflict is Keshawn love to work on computers. So he was more like a hacker but then again he wasn't. He helps his mom out & he helps his school out with hacking people computers & devices. He really trying to find a way to hack without getting caught.


I recommend that everybody reads this book. It connects to alot of people lives. It connects to my life because, i have been in this predicament before so it connects. So i would advise everyone to read this book.

Chasity Selman