Andrew L, Christian G, Jason P

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Peter Parker is a suitor because he loses Uncle Ben and that gives him the inspiration to become Spider-Man.
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The Cinderella Sisters

The sisters of Cinderella are all suitors because they are all fighting for the Prince and trying to get him to fall in love with one of them. But the other sister, Cinderella, is the one who the Prince falls in love with. This leaves the sisters very angry. Therefore, the sisters of Cinderella are suitors.
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Bruce Wayne/Batman

He is a suitor because he loves Catwoman but she only loves him for batman and doesn't know him as a real human. Therefore, she loses interest in him.
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Augustus Waters

Augustus Waters is a suitor because he tries so hard to get this girl to fall in love with him who has cancer but at the end he ends up dying from cancer that he never told her about. Which causes him to lose her obviously.
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The other kid from Karate Kid

The other boy from Karate Kid who fights Jaden Smith at the beginning is a suitor because him and Jaden both want to get with her but after Jaden wins the title she falls in love Jaden and not the other kid.
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