Falls in the Kitchen

How to Help and Prevent Falls in the Kitchen

Things to Avoid

When you are in the kitchen, try to avoid wet, cluttered floors to prevent from falling. Make sure your shoes are tied and your clothes are not too long. Make sure to remove any slippery rugs while you are cooking and use a firm step stool or ladder instead of a chair.

How to Help Someone Who Has Gotten Hurt

If you think they have a broken bone, DO NOT MOVE THEM. If they hit their head and they have dizziness or headaches, vomiting, or speech impairment call medical help. If there are bruises or sprains, ice it or put cold water on it.

How to Keep the Kitchen Free From Falls

If there is water on the floor, mop it up right away. Don't let things get cluttered on the floor. Put the bib-skid on the bottom of the rug to keep away from slipping. Make sure to repair your flooring if it is damaged, to not slip.