The Claverage Gazzete

By Maggie Buvan

Schooled Book Review

“Schooled is a great book that shows that teaches people that you can fit in no matter the person you are. This story is about a hippie named Capricorn Anderson who tries to adjust to the real world after his grandmother Rain falls out of a tree while picking plums and breaks her hip. He goes to a real school and gets picked on by the kids because of his hippie lifestyle of tie-dye, Day-Glo, tai chi, 60’s music, and Pacifism. They elect him for President, without Cap knowing of this so he can either be embarrassed or a great president. This Young Readers Choice Awards Winner of 2010 gets a rating of 4.5 from me. Although some parts of the story were predictable, there were funny and interesting scenes.”

How to Tie-Dye a shirt

Tie dying is a very fun process and you can make your own too by following these instructions. First, you need some rubber bands, a white t shirt, and squeeze bottles full of dye (you can buy dye at a craft store), water, a bowl, soda ash solution, gloves and a plastic bag. First, twist the shirt and secure it with rubber bands. Next, put it in the bowl of soda ash solution so the dye will stay on the shirt and place it in the bowl for 20 minutes. Then, after removing the shirt, place it on a dirty rag and make sure it has something below it so it does not bleed through and dye the countertop and squirt the dye on the shirt where needed. After dying it, place it in the bag for about 4 hours so the dye can settle in. Remember to wear your gloves. When it settles into the shirt, place the shirt in the sink and rinse it out to remove extra dye but remove the rubber bands before rinsing. After rinsing it all out, put it in the washer by itself so it doesn't mix with other shirt colors, place it in the dryer and wear it! Tie dye is very creative and cool to wear. It was even a thing in the 60's and it is still recognized today. Tie dye shirts can be made in various colors and patterns. These patterns are also used for food, paper, nail art, and some other stuff too!