Freak The Mighty


Book Title

The title is "Freak The Mighty", it relates to my theme because the two boys are different then most people. But they become best friends, and have a nickname that is "Freak The Mighty." Even though they get picked on for their differences, they are best friends and stick up against the cruel society. The society gives them mean glares, talks about them, judges, tries to beat them up, and does many other bad things. But that doesn't stop them! They do what they want to, and do what makes them happy.

Conflict and Outcome - Man vs. Society

The story is Man vs. Society because Max doesn't have any friends until Freak comes along. People would make fun of him since he was different from most. Especially with his size, he is very tall and looks like his dad. Which isn't a very good thing since his dad is in prison and people get the wrong impression. Once he meets Freak again, he realizes that it doesn't matter what people think of you, he knows that you should do what makes you happy.

Character's remarks/actions

When Gwen sees Freak and Max walk out of Max's house, she immediately gets nervous since Freak is hanging around someone who is big and "scary." This shows us how people react when they see Max. People judge right away, before they even get to know the person. That is why Max is all alone, until he meets Freak. Once Freak gets to know Max, they become best friends. After that, they do everything together, and they hang out everyday.

Contrasts between characters

Max is Isolated because everyone is scared of him, and won't ever talk to him. But Kevin isn't isolated because he is disabled, and he needs help from alot of different people to get things done. They are also different because Max is bothered with people trying to help him, and having people getting into his business. But Kevin doesn't really mind; hes so used to having people help him with everything that he isn't bothered anymore. But Max's loneliness doesn't last because Kevin comes, and he finally has a friend who treats him right, and that hangs out with him all the time.