Pride and Prejudice

Chapters 18-22


I chose this picture because Elizabeth was disappointed to find out that Wickham had not attended the ball due to the fact that Darcy's presence keeps him away. She was looking forward to dance with him, because she "fancied" him quite a bit.

Bush's Last Press Conference: Full of Disappointment (Time)

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Plot Twist

This was chosen to explain sort of the mood when Miss Bingley told Elizabeth that Mr. Wickham is not to be trusted. She assumes that she's just being savage, and chooses to ignore her.
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Miss Bennet talks loudly about the "hopeful" union between Jane and Bingley and Elizabeth criticizes her in fear that Darcy would hear.

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Horrible Music

Near the end of the ball, Mary attempts to produce music. As she plays the piano, she tries to sing which then only produces the worst sound anyone's ever heard ever. She made a fool of herself and a fool of the Bennet Family

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Whether it be Miss Bennet being excruciatingly annoying or Mary being terrible at playing music, the Bennet family embarrassed themselves and the ball ended in disaster.

The Ego and Embarrassment (kinkedwords)

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Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, expecting her to be overjoyed. However, when he asks, Elizabeth Bennet rejects him gently. Although she rejects him, he still attempts to pursue her.

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Jane receives a letter from Miss Bingley, basically saying that she's going to marry someone else. This someone else happens to be Darcy's sister, Georgiana. This leaves Jane devastated and disappointed.

Disapointment or Betrayal (Saori Thoughts and Feelings)

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After being rejected by Elizabeth, Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte Lucas, which she accepts his request. Because of this Miss Bennet gets furious with Elizabeth because she let Mr. Collins find solace in another woman.

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