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Animal Shelters

Human Rights Issues

In addition to advocating on the behalf of animals, Julie is also passionate and has a fair share of concerns about human rights. Being highly concerned about oppressed populations all over the world, she regularly contributes to and volunteers with a number of human rights organizations including Amnesty International. Do you know what she wishes for? That she could save everybody.

Julie Tishkoff - How to Be an Effective Marketer

Tishkoff is a marketing professional and business consultant who resides in San Francisco, California. When it comes to marketing expertise, Julie Tishkoff has all the skills and resources necessary to be a top professional of her field. It only took her a few years after college to rise from intern into the role of a Marketing Director. Julie Tishkoff With a number of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups claiming the Bay area as home, Julie is honored to have been exposed to some of the best in the business. Below, she shares some tips on how to be an effective marketer so you can help your business succeed.

Define Your Target Audience

You can define your target audience by asking yourself a few key questions. Who does your product benefit? Who would be interested in your product? What situations may people need your product in? How is the best way to reach out to your target audience? This brings us to our next point.

Have a Strategy

Once you know who your target customer may be, the next step is to make sure that you know how to target your audience. Depending on the age, gender, and other demographics of potential customers, the key is knowing how to get inside their heads and figuring out what forms of communication they would be most receptive of.

Be Persistent

You may not gain thousands of customers overnight. A salesperson may stress urgency, but it is the job of the marketer to introduce a product and instill it in the customer’s mind as a viable option.

Julie Tishkoff - 49ers New Defense

Julie Tishkoff is a devout 49ers fan. She’s always been a huge fan of her local NFL team and is excited about the changes being brought to next year’s defense. Below is an excerpt of an article posted on the 49ers website:

“The San Francisco 49ers new defense will be different in 2015. There’s no doubt in regards to that.

In the second, notable free agent departures include Perrish Cox and Cornerbacks Chris Culliver.

The unanticipated retirements of Chris Borland and Patrick Willis leave an empty space that will test the linebacker depth of 49ers.

Add Dan Skuta, the linebacker who signed with Jacksonville Jaguars, and the December release of Ray McDonald, and that makes six key contributors on the 49ers defense from 2014 who will not be on the field for the team this season. The roster overhaul combined with new defensive coordinator Eric Mangini taking over may leave some to question the 49ers defense heading into the 2015 season.

But safety Antoine Bethea isn’t concerned. When Bethea was approached to speak his views on the defensive backfield, she was brief. ‘It is going to be fine. I have no fears about that. There was so much talk about our secondary last year, but I think our secondary did pretty good last year.’

Bethea is very confident that with the coming back of cornerback Tramaine Brock, who had suffered a toe injury in 2014, and the rise of younger players including the likes of Jimmie Ward and Dante Johnson, the 49ers cornerback group will certainly exceed expectations. But this can only happen after they develop chemistry.”

Julie Tishkoff is excited about these upcoming changes.

Saying Goodbye to a 49er

For many fans, the hardest part about watching their favorite football team from season to season is having to see their favorite players leave. As many know, the National Football League is not only an American sport but a business as well. It is because of that fact that many football players leave their team of many years in order to make the correct business decision for themselves and their future.

The fans were disappointed to see one of their best leave the team during this offseason. After a disappointing season for the 49ers in the new Levi Stadium, the team saw many of their players walk out the door during the free agency period. Of those that left holes on the team, one of the biggest playmakers was Frank Gore. The San Francisco 49ers all time leading rusher was the man who could do it all for his team. From the Running Back position, Gore could carry the ball, catch it, and block efficiently for the team.

With the team in the bad and in the good, Frank Gore left a huge impact on his team. “It is going to be a huge difference without Frank,” says San Francisco 49ers starting Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. “He was a huge asset to use. He will be missed, but we also have people who are more than capable of filling that void.”

Though the leaving of Frank Gore is a large void to fill, fans of the team like Julie Tishkoff are optimistic about the future of the organization. With a solid quarterback, a new coach, and a young team that is ready to step up, there is no limit on what this team can new with its players.

Spending Time With Animals at a Shelter

Animal shelters all around the United States are in need of volunteers for their facility. With many of these shelters keeping animals beyond their maximum capacity, these shelters are in need of as much manpower that they can receive. Volunteers who take the time to walk a dog, bathe a cat, or paly with any of the animals at the shelter are greatly appreciated and make a great difference in the lives of the animals waiting to be adopted. The following are activities that many volunteers perform at an animal shelter.

A Beauty Session

Every once in a while, dogs like to be pampered too. Though volunteers might not go through the entire session of deep grooming on an animal, most likely they will spend their time performing some of the basics of grooming on the pet. Giving baths, cutting their toenails, and brushing their teeth are usually considered the basics. Many do not realize it, but the basic grooming of a pet contributes greatly to the health of the animal. Also, a clean dog or cat is more likely to be adopted than one who rarely receives a bath.

Enjoying a Walk

Without the proper man power to walk all of the dogs necessary, animals in the shelter can go without one of the most basic needs of their lives. Volunteers who spend time at a local shelter will often learn that their jobs are simply walking a dog. Taking a dog out for ten minutes for a walk enables them to breathe a dose of fresh air and soak in the sun into their bodies. This exercise is a great help to the health of the dog and will go a long way towards their appeal for adoption.

A major contributor to local animals shelters, Julie Tishkoff enjoys taking the time out of her schedule to be with these animals. Giving the extra love to the animals in the shelter goes a long way, and Julie Tishkoff is happy to be able to spend time with them.