Martin Weekly News and Notes

October 17 - October 21 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Volume 7, Issue 8

Notes from Dr. Sha and Reminders:

Notes from Dr. Sha:

  • Remember to get those grades in ESP. You know it will be very slow on Sunday, as the entire district works to finish grades. During this 9 week marking period, you should have a minimum of 3 major grades (and an additional column for make-up grades for each failed major grades), 9 minor grades, and 9 other grades. Blockheads should have a minimum of 5 grades for skills and participation. Remember that each student should have their individual comment sheet (save, so you can add to it for each of the following marking period). Please print out the failure reports and all the comment sheets (proof for spelling, punctuation, he/she agreement, etc. prior to printing), collate for your supervisor, and submit by Monday morning in your folders.

General Reminders:

  • Make sure the field trip permission forms have been given to me for proofing (ask 3 before me) and are ready to be disseminated; you would need to change permission forms to say wear their "FT-FD" shirts.
  • The order form for field trip/field day "FT-FD" shirts are going home today (Friday). The order form does share with parents that these shirts will be worn during field trips, grade level celebration days, and field day. They won't have to purchase any more in the Spring. These are due Wednesday, 10/19, so please please please get them in!
  • Red Ribbon Week is around the corner, Oct. 24-28th. Check out resources from Mrs. MIno at the link:
  • Red Ribbon Week (get ready!): Monday: Shade out Drugs; Tuesday: Sock It to Drugs Day; Wednesday: A Healthy Me is Drug Free; Thursday: Don't Let Drugs Tie You Down; Friday: "Be a Super Hero!"

Reminders for Instruction and Planning:
  • As requested by classroom teachers, we have started announcements at 7:50, to allow instruction to start immediately at 8:00. Keep in mind, that Mondays are usually a bit longer, as we have MOW, COW, and Mustang Movers to share. Please send pledge helpers no later than 7:45 (in proper mode of dress).
  • Are the kids fully engaged? Are they doing the learning/talking, or are they passive listeners? Are there any 'wait' times, as teachers and students get "ready"? Are your routines in place? Do the students interrupt your instruction to seek permission to use the restroom, get a tissue, use the pencil sharpener, or a list of student needs? Did you know that with every 5 minutes of interruption or 'down time' during a 50 minute lesson, you lose 10% of your instructional time.....that adds up to about 18 days of instruction lost over the year! If you 'kill' or 'waste' more than that over the instructional day, that's even more than 18 days of instruction lost! WOW! Make EVERY MINUTE COUNT!

PLC: Mon.-Kinder; Tues.-1st Grade; Wed.-2nd Grade; Thurs.-3rd Grade, Friday-4th Grade

10/17-10/21: Content Language Objectives and Data

  • -10/17: KN Content Language Objectives
  • -10/18: 1st Content Language Objectives
  • -10/19: 12:35 3rd Grade Data Meeting
  • -10/19: 1:35 4th Grade Data Meeting
  • -10/19: 2:35 2nd Grade Data Meeting
  • -10/20 3rd Grade Math/Writing Planning during PLC
  • -10/21: 4th Grade Math/Writing Planning during PLC

Important Dates and Birthdays

Important Dates:

PLCs - Mon.-Kinder; Tues.-1st; Wed.-2nd; Thurs.-3rd, Friday - 4th

10/17 - Report Card Grades Due in ESP; Comment Pages & Failure Reports due to Super by 7:45 am

10/17 - DL Extended Planning

10/18 - HEART Meeting 3:45 pm

10/19 - TAIS Meeting (Wear Grey KEY Shirts)

10/19 - FTFD T-shirt Orders Due

10/19 - Data Days Meeting for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

10/19 - Power Hour - Quality Small Groups PD 3:45 pm

10/20 - ASP Family Night

10/21 - Martin Fall Festival 5:00-7:30 pm (staff working 4:45-7:45 pm or para shifts)

10/22 - New Asphalt being laid for the Black Top (please have kids stay away from it the following week). Equipment may be brought in beforehand, keep a wide berth please!

10/24 - ALL STAFF MEETING (with paras) - Mr. Chambers (Wear Super Power Shirts), Stace Aguirre (Wellness Screening), Nikki Godbolt (Accountability) - Please make arrangements until at least 5:30, as we have so much to cover. Paras, please work with your supervisor for this flex week (1.5-2 hours flex), as you are going to do for the Fall Festival flex time.

10/25 - Oskar Bully Prevention PM Assembly for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grades ADJUSTED Schedule

10/27 - Awards Assembly (make sure you send home the invitations!)

10/27 and 10/28 - Big Art Days....please refer to all the emails from Mrs. Rogers. :)

10/31 - 11/17: Alief HCDE Safety Audit

With such a busy end to October, here are the suggested mode of dress (with jeans):

10/17: Martin Spirit Shirt

10/18: Pink (breast cancer awareness)

10/19: Grey Martin KEY Shirt

10/20: College Shirt

10/21: Fall Festival Shirt or MARTIN Shirt

10/24: Martin SUPER POWER Shirt + Shades

10/25: Free Dress + Crazy Socks

10/26: Warm Ups or Jogging Suits (not too tight please)

10/27: Awards Assembly Appropriate Top + TIES



10/1 Gloria Casanova

10/4 Kelly Davis

10/17 Erley Garcia

10/22 Kim Rogers

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