Vote for Theodore Roosevelt

By: Kevin Dong

Theodore Roosevelt Cares for the Environment

  • Under Theodore Roosevelt's leadership, the number of national parks doubled.
  • Fifty-one wildlife refuges were created, and the National Park Service was set into motion.
  • Furthermore, sixteen national monuments were created including the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest.
  • If you care for the environment, then you should vote for Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt Served His Country in Many Ways

  • Theodore Roosevelt served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for some time.
  • He led the notorious cavalry unit, the Rough Riders to victory at San Juan Hill.
  • He served as the U.S. Civil Service Commissioner.
  • He also served as Governor of New York.
  • If you want a ideal candidate who believes in civil service, vote for Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt has a Great Energetic Personality

  • Theodore Roosevelt has a strong Personality because he is:
  • enthusiastic
  • energetic
  • a hard worker
  • a fighter
  • These characteristics are the characteristics of a strong, ideal president.

Theodore Roosevelt is a Great Negotiator of Peace

  • Theodore Roosevelt helped negotiate the peace treaty in the Russo-Japanese War.
  • He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.
  • He was the First American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Theodore Roosevelt Cares for the Public's Well-being

  • Theodore Roosevelt's campaign slogan for the 1904 election was the "Square Deal".
  • He believed that everyone should have equal opportunities, "no more, no less."
  • He also promoted public health and safety.
  • The Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act were issued under his presidency.
  • He improved working conditions for the working class.
  • Theodore Roosevelt is a man of the people, and he is the most logical choice for President.

Theodore Roosevelt Opposes Unfair Business Practices of Trusts and Corporations

  • Theodore Roosevelt filed 44 law suits against business combinations that he believed were not in the best interests of the public.
  • The Elkins Act and the Hepburn Act were two acts that promoted railroad regulation, and they were both passed under Theodore Roosevelt's Leadership.
  • Theodore Roosevelt has the public's interests at heart, and he would make the greatest president, so don't make the mistake of not voting for him.


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