Healthy relationship

Healthy relationship will make you and your partner happy

Trust your partner

This will make both happy when trusting each other. When you have gain trust on your man/lady, you now will love them more, you will not care about they cheat on you or so, because they has make you trust them.

Don't yell at them. Instead, fix their mistakes.

Yelling at them will not make anything better. Why don't you let them fix their mistake? They have know their mistakes and they will fix it if they love you. If not, I'm sorry.


Share things with them

Sharing is very easy, it could be simple things like share stuffs that your partner likes, tell your partner what you are thinking,... This will make your partner trust you more if you share your thinking with them. Please don't lie to them!

Be honest

Don't lie to them. If you lie, one day, it will makes things worst than you think. Your partner will find out the lies. If you lie once, it could lead to others lies. This will make your partner lost trust on you.