Wildcat Whispers

Linn Elementary School ------- January 15, 2016

Off to a Racing Start in 2016!!

We have had an amazing start to the new year. Our students are ready to be here each day and ready to learn! We are continuing our focus on performing random acts of kindness and have been so pleased to see the kindness of our students. Here are a few things to remember as we start the new year---

  • We appreciate the parents and caregivers who remain in cars in the pick-up line! We will put your child in the car for you and the line goes much quicker. This makes things easier for everyone!
  • We appreciate the students who are remembering their warm coats, hats and gloves each day! It has been bitterly cold and we have to wait for buses and rides at the end of the day - even if we don't have recess each day we will go outside.
  • We appreciate parents who remember to call when their child is not at school. We have to be accountable for every student each day. This makes the job in the office so much easier!

NEEDED: We would love any donations of Kleenex and Lysol wipes at the school office! We use these throughout the building and we are running low! We appreciate your support!

Wild about Character!

Each month we will have a Wildcat Character Trait. Our trait for January is respect.

Our December students of the month went to visit Popcorn Buddha on Friday, January 4th. They had a great time and were able to sample popcorn and learn about the local business. Here are our character trait winners for Kindness/Caring for this month. We have one student from each classroom represented.

Hannah Haslag-----“Hannah has the best intentions when it comes to her friends and is always trying to help them with anything they need.” ~Mrs. Brodin

Ava Franken-----“Ava is always thinking of others and is a kind friend.” ~Mrs. Johnson

Hannah Knight-----“Hannah is a thoughtful and caring student. She is always willing to help out!” ~Mrs. Wolfe

Lauren Rhoads--------“Lauren is very caring to all of her peers, she has many friends because she is always there to help them out when they need it.” ~Ms. Brune

Brooklyn Krueger------“Brooklyn always has a smile on her face. She is so sweet and caring to all of the students in her class.” ~Mrs. Flatt

Maggie Barker---------“Maggie was chosen because she is the one that thinks of what she can do for the kids that aren’t here by helping to get their work together and puts up chairs at the end of the day for them. She works quietly but will help anyone (with a Sure!) when I ask her. She shows compassion and a lot of care for others.” ~Mrs. Haslag

Abby Bishop---------“Abby cares about everyone in the class. If she sees someone that is hurt outside she makes sure they are ok. When another student was sick before Christmas, I had all of my students make cards. Abby wanted to make sure that I made one for her also. “ ~Mrs. Gilpin

Miranda Berry--------“As an older sister, Miranda has often been a helper for her younger siblings. It’s just natural for her to want to help her classmates anyway she can.” ~Mrs. Burle

Gavin Daniels------“If myself or a classmate drops something or needs help, Gavin is usually one of the first, if not the first to come help. He just does it naturally without being encouraged or asked. He’s a great kid!!” ~ Mrs. Holtschneider

Harlee Klebba------“Harlee is a friend to everyone. I’ve never heard her speak badly about anyone. She is always kind and caring.” ~Mrs. Williams

Kendyl Peters-----“Kendyl is a very kind, respectful person who likes to help anyone that needs it.” ~Mrs. Muenks

Hailey Knight--------“Hailey is always showing care and concern for others by trying to help them in any way she can, and most of the time she does it with a smile.” ~ Mrs. Warren

Natalie Morre--------“I cannot say enough about Miss Natalie. She is a very caring and friendly person. It seems that no matter who asks her or what they ask, she is willing to help. I often ask her to help me get together work for another student who is absent. I also ask her to help or explain things to another student who is having trouble. She always takes on the task and is friendly and helpful.” Mrs. Eisterhold

Marissa Gehlert-------“Marissa is a kind, considerate young lady. She shows kindness to her classmates and teacher on a daily basis. Whether it’s doing an odd job or explaining how to do a math problem, you can count on Marissa to help you with a smile.” ~Mrs. Wagner

Laura Lange-------“Laura is very kindhearted, she is always polite and looks out for the best of others.” ~Mrs. Wolfe

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Tina Eisterhold

Tell me about your family-

I have been married to my husband, Richard, for 25 years. We have 3 wonderful children: Daniel, 21, a telecommunications lineman/heavy equipment operator who is engaged to Brittany Hall and has my grandbaby, Zayden. My daughter, Quincie, 18, a nursing student at Lincoln University, and Andrew, 16, a sophomore at Fatima. As a family we enjoy traveling, going to car shows, fishing and hunting, the outdoors, and cooking. We try to take a few trips a year and take everyone along.

Tell me about your education and experience?

I worked for the Missouri Senate for 19 years before leaving for a private sector job. During that time I went back to school, Linn State Technical College where I earned my Associates in Computer Programming/Web Design. Then I went to work at Linn Elementary in 2008 and went back to school and earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology. But that was not enough because I really wanted to be a teacher and I loved my job and my students so I went back to school. I finally earned a bachelor's degree in Education from William Woods University.

What did you want to be when you were little?

When I was little I wanted to be a police woman just like my mom. Then as I got a little older I was torn between being a police woman and being a teacher. In high school I took a test that indicated my career abilities and it also showed that I indeed would grow up to be a police woman or a teacher. I had two wonderful teachers at my high school South Callaway - Sheila Guthrie and Polly Burre, (they were also sisters). I really looked up to them and I started down the path to being an art teacher at Lincoln University. But, fate interrupted when my mom became ill with cancer and I entered the working world as a graphic artist for the Missouri Senate, but never gave up my dream to be a teacher.

What are you good at doing?

I guess I am an artsy person because I really love art. I still take on art or craft projects from time to time. I also, as my students can attest to, love to sing and can put a song to if not all, a lot of phrases!

What makes you happy?

These days my grandbaby really makes me happy. He is fun and loves to sing, so we have lots of good times. I also get great joy out of the rest of my family and we have a pretty strong bond.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love cars....going to car shows, watching car shows, etc. But, I really dig teaching too.

What is a favorite Linn Elementary memory?

My favorite memory is when I was given my first teacher gift. It was from Nathanial Morre and I still have it. It is a teacher bear and I'll cherish it always.

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Shannon Wolfe

Tell me about your family-

I am married to Jacob Wolfe of Linn. He is a loan officer at Legends Bank. We live in Linn with our cockapoo, Lucy.

Tell me about your education and experience?

I graduated from Belle High School in 2010. I attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City, where I attained my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in May of 2014. Last year I taught 5th grade at Bland Middle School and now I am very excited to be teaching 5th grade at Linn. I am currently enrolling in classes at Lincoln University to begin my Master's Degree in Secondary Guidance and Counseling.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. Some of my fondest memories growing up include me playing school with my younger cousins.

What are you good at doing?

I am good at cleaning and organizing. I love to have things orderly and in place, it makes me feel prepared and accomplished.

What makes you happy?

It makes me happy when students come to class eager to learn. When students come to class excited about learning, it is amazing what they can accomplish.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I have many things that I enjoy doing, from shopping to hunting and camping to baking. It would be hard to choose my most favorite.

What is a favorite Linn Elementary memory?

My favorite Linn Elementary memory is when we had the random acts of kindness assembly. It warms my heart when people go out of their way to be kind to others. Being kind to others is such a small act that can truly turn a person's day around!

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Debbie Wagner

Tell me about your family-

I have been married to my husband, Randy, for 19 years. Our son, Austin, is a sophomore at Linn High School. Our daughter, Ally, is a sixth grader, at Linn Midde School.

Tell me about your education and experience-

I graduated from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in December of 1997. I started teaching third grade in 1998. After 5 years of third grade, I was moved to fifth grade and have been here ever since. I received my Master's Degree in Elementary Administration in May of 2003.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I always knew I wanted to help people. I wanted to be a nurse or a teacher. I loved being around kids.

What are you good at doing?

In my personal life, I am good at crocheting. I learned to crochet from my grandma, Josepha Bock, when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I started making granny squares, then moved on to doilies and afghans. I stopped crocheting several years ago, then my sister gave me a crochet book for Christmas. I was hooked again. I think I made around 40 hats on Christmas break! I enjoy learning new stitches and patterns. I've been making a lot of ear warmers lately.

What makes you happy?

Being around kids usually makes me happy. I like to see their smiling faces, watch their sense of humor grow, and watch light bulbs light. I enjoy going to see them outside of school as well. I try to go to a few softball, baseball, and basketball games to see them play.

What is your favorite thing to do?

In my free time, I like to be with family and friends. I enjoy playing cards, watching movies, and just visiting. I also enjoy watching my own kids play basketball and volleyball.

What is a favorite Linn Elementary memory?

One of my favorite memories is when I found out we would be getting a new school. Many of the teachers, board members, and adminstrators were waiting for the poll results in the elementary library. We were very excited when we heard the news. While I'll be sad to leave the building we are in, I wonder what is going to happen to it in the future. I'm excited about new beginnings.

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It's Contagious!!

We have had head lice, pink eye, strep throat and a stomach bug passing through the elementary since Christmas! Here are some tips for staying healthy--

  • Lice do not fly they crawl so put long hair up in braids and ponytails.
  • Spray a bit of hair spray on hair.
  • Wash clothing - coats, hats and gloves and put them in the dryer.
  • Do regular head checks on your child's head.
  • Remind your child not to share hats, headbands and hair accessories.
  • Wash hands often.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Wear warm coats, hats and gloves!

Upcoming Events----

Friday, January 15

~Homecoming Basketball Game vs. Eugene 6pm

Saturday, January 16

~Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest at St. George Activity Center at 7:30pm for boys & girls ages 9-14

Monday, January 18

~No School

Wednesday, January 20

~School Board Meeting 6:30pm High School Library

Friday, January 22

~Progress reports going home

Thursday, February 4

~PTO Meeting 6:30pm

Friday, February 5

~FFA Community Breakfast

Thursday, February 11

~Valentine Party Day

~Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30-7pm

Friday, February 12

~No School

Monday, February 15

~No School - President's Day

Thursday, February 18

~Parents As Teachers - Block Party 6:30pm

Tuesday, March 1

~Kindergarten Round-Up - Elementary Multipurpose Room - 6:30pm

Friday, March 4

~Kindergarten Screening - First Baptist Church - Linn